10 Cool Facebook Features You Didn’t Know About

Despite various problems and criticisms, Facebook is currently the most popular and widespread social network in the digital world. While politicians and journalists are gravitating towards Twitter and the new generation towards Snapchat and TikTok, Facebook is the choice of common internet users.

Facebook has provided a very easy platform for common people to connect with each other. But many of us do not know about some very important and useful features of Facebook. Here are 10 secret but useful features of Facebook:

1. An inbox we may not even be aware of

If you’ve been using Facebook for a long time, you probably already have a folder full of unread messages on Facebook. Many people might not even know that there is a folder called Message Requests in their Facebook account. Messages sent by anyone who isn’t your Facebook friend go to this folder. Also, various advertising messages and messages sent by cyber thugs can also be stored in this folder.

To view the messages in this folder, log in to Facebook and click the Messenger icon at the top of the Facebook home screen. After that click on See All in Messenger and you can see the messages in full screen. There click on the three-drop menu and select the message request option. Then you can see all types of Facebook messages sent by someone who is not in friend list. There you can also see the option of See Spam. Such messages should be deleted rather than opened.

2. View a full list of people you’ve sent friend requests

How many friend requests have you sent on Facebook and your requests have been ignored or deleted? Facebook also keeps its information.

For him facebook.com/friends/requests Go to and see a list of people who have declined and ignored your Facebook friend requests.

3. No one is using your Facebook? trace

Want to know if someone logged into your Facebook account without permission? For that, go to Settings > Security & login and see where you are logged in. There you will see a list of desktop and mobile devices with their Facebook account, Facebook app and Messenger app logins. There you can find data about your Facebook account login location, browser and device. If you think you are not logged in from the list of devices shown there, you can log out of Facebook from such devices. For that, you can go to the three-dot menu and click on Log Out or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Log Out of All Sessions.

4. Add Extra Security

To protect your Facebook account from being hacked and misused by other parties, it pays to add more layers of security to your Facebook account. To make yourself more secure on Facebook, you can do these three things by going to Settings > Security and Login.

Two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication is recommended for all of your online accounts, not just on Facebook. Doing so will allow you to log in to your Facebook account on any new device by entering your password from the Authenticator app or the code you received on your mobile number.

Facebook will notify you if someone logs into your Facebook account from a new device or browser. You may also receive such a warning message when using a VPN.

Have 3 to 5 trusted contact numbers in case your account is locked out: Trusted contacts are Facebook friends who can help you securely log into your account if you forget your password, lose your mobile device They do, or if your Facebook account gets locked for any other reason. You can also customize your trusted contacts list.

5. Block someone from seeing your Facebook posts

You can decide who can see your Facebook posts. It’s your choice to show your Facebook posts to everyone, only friends, only friends of friends, or only certain people. If you have friends who don’t want to chat with you as much on Facebook, you can control their access.

For this, go to the profile page of the friend you want to ban. Then click on Friends in the three dot menu. And click on Edit Friends List > Restricted. After you do this, the person won’t be able to see anything other than the public posts you make on Facebook. You can also view a list of restricted friends that you have made. For him facebook.com/bookmarks/lists Go to and click on Restricted.

6. Unfollow on Facebook without unfriending

Basically, all your Facebook friends are people you like and want to hear from. But in fact this is not the whole truth. Still, it does not feel good to unfriend a person who has become a friend on Facebook. So if you don’t see the face of any of your Facebook friends on Facebook or you are bored of seeing their posts, you can unfollow them without removing them from your friends list. Then the post from the mentioned person will not appear on your Facebook wall.

For that, just going to the newsfeed, selecting the Facebook friend and clicking on unfollow is enough. The concerned person does not get to know that someone has unfollowed. If you want to follow someone you unfollowed again, go to Settings & Privacy > News Feed Preferences > Reconnect.

7. Save Facebook posts for later viewing

You can save any important and interesting Facebook post to view later at your leisure. For that, click on the ellipsis menu at the top right of any related post and choose Save Link or Save for Later Viewing from the dropdown menu. Doing so moves the link to Facebook’s saved folder. You can go to the Favorites bar on the left side of Facebook and click on the Saved icon to see a list of links to your saved Facebook posts. It is important to remember that if the mentioned Facebook post is deleted, the saved post is also lost. You can also categorize your saved Facebook posts by topic.

8. How much time did you spend on Facebook? Look

To find out how much time you spend on Facebook every day, go to Settings and Privacy and click on Your Time on Facebook. There, a bar graph in the View time section shows how many minutes you were on Facebook each day for the past week. Plus, you can see the total number of visits for an overview of how long Facebook was used during the day and night. You can also set a daily maximum time you can spend on Facebook there. For this you can go to Manage Your Time and set Daily Time Reminder to notify you after using Facebook for a certain period of time.

8. Download All Facebook Data

Do you want to get detailed information about all the posts, all photos and videos, messages and chats you have shared on Facebook so far? For this you have to log in to your Facebook account and click on Settings > Your Facebook Information > Download Your Information. What do you want to download there? At what time do you want to download Facebook data and in what format do you want to download the data? You can choose that. Then click on Create File option. After doing this your Facebook personal data will start downloading and Facebook will notify you about it.

9. Stop auto play of videos

When scrolling down on Facebook, a video may play automatically and can sometimes cause problems. Therefore, you should turn off the auto-play video option on Facebook so that the video starts playing only when you click on the relevant video. For this, you should go to Settings and turn off the auto-play video option from the Video menu.

10. Hide Notifications of Other People’s Birthdays

Facebook will initially let you know whose birthday it is among the people on your Facebook friends list and also give you a notification to wish you a happy birthday. If you want to turn off such notifications on Facebook, you can turn off all notifications by going to Settings > Notifications.

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