13 independent candidates in the valley: some in headlines, some anonymous

30 October, Kathmandu. The National Independent Party, formed after the local elections, fielded candidates in 13 of the 15 constituencies in the Kathmandu Valley.

In other words, except for Kathmandu-4 and Bhaktapur-1, the Rashtriya Swatantra Party has nominated candidates in all the regions of the valley.

The party started under the leadership of journalist Ravi Lamichhane has nominated people who have made a name for themselves in social movements, various professions and works from their party.

Some candidates of this party are in limelight and some are anonymous.

Kathmandu-1: Calling Bombs

Pukar Bam, a former member of the Viveksheel Common Party who contested from Kathmandu in the 2070 and 2074 elections, has now submitted his candidature for Kathmandu-1 from the National Independent Party.

Congress’s Prakashman Singh, UML’s Kiran Paudel, RPP’s Ravindra Mishra, Nepal Sushak Party’s Ramesh Kharel, Viveksheel Samaj’s Shankar Banjade are among the 31 candidates, out of which 11 are independents.

Bam, who had announced his candidacy as an independent before the announcement of the general election, eventually decided to become the candidate of the National Independent Party.

In a door-to-door campaign, Bam, accompanied by familiar faces like actors Ravindra Singh Bania, Dayhang Rai, director Pradeep Bhattarai, Nischal Basnet, rapper Pranil Timalsena, repeatedly went door-to-door in his constituency. In some areas, he has visited the house for the fifth time. That’s why he says, ‘We have won the hearts of the voters, now you will win the votes’.

Though the bomb seems certain, winning in Kathmandu-1 is not going to be easy. Congress leader Prakashman Singh has been winning elections from this constituency since 2006. In the 2074 election, Viveksheel was defeated by Ravindra Mishra Singh of the Aam Party by about 800 votes.

Ward No-1 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in Kathmandu. 10, 11, 29 and 31 (Nayabaneshwar, Tripureshwar, Dilibazar and Shantinagar). In the last local elections in these four wards, ward no. Apart from 31, the Congress Ward President was elected.

Kathmandu-2: Sovita Gautam

Kathmandu-2 is currently in discussion because of three women candidates. Supporting the ruling coalition are CPN-Maoist Centre’s Onsari Ghartimar candidate, advocate, program director and youth activist Sovita Gautam from Rashtriya Swatantra Party and Kunti Pokhrel of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. However, UML’s Maniram Phuyal is also a strong contender in the fray.

There are 27 candidates, including 10 independents, in this constituency from Kathmandu urban area to Jaharsingh Pauwa in Kanth. Kathmandu-2 is the same area where Madhav Kumar, the then general secretary of the CPN-UML, was defeated by Nepal’s Maoist candidate Jhakku Prasad Subedi in the 2006 elections.

Shankarpur Nagar Palika Pura in Kathmandu-2, Ward no. Ward No. 9 and 32 of Kageshwari Manohar Municipality. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are included.

In the 2074 general election, Madhav Kumar Nepal, a senior leader of the CPN (UML), who became the candidate of the Left Alliance, was elected by securing 27,366 votes. The nearest rival Deepak Prakash Kuinkel of Nepali Congress got 14 thousand 903 votes.

In the last local elections, the UML is ahead in terms of votes polled by ward chairpersons in the region. In that election, UML’s ward president candidate got 17 thousand 328 votes, Congress 14 thousand 129, CPI (Unified Socialist) 7 thousand 911, RPP 7 thousand 200 and CPI Maoist Center 3 thousand 131 votes.

Kathmandu-3: Durga Vikram Thapa Chhetri

Durga Vikram Thapa Chhetri of the National Independent Party is one of the 22 candidates in Kathmandu-3. Pashmina trader Thapa is also the vice-president of the Federation of Export Traders.

In Kathmandu 3, the contest is between Santosh Chalis of Congress and Krishan Bahadur Rai of UML. Rai was elected in 074. Along with the party candidates, 8 independent candidates are also in the fray.

In the local elections of this region, Congress ward presidents got 15 thousand 795 votes, UML ward presidents got 14 thousand 876 votes, Maoist center got 1 thousand 730 votes, Samyukta Samajwadi Party got 1 thousand 56 votes. Independent candidates got one thousand 314 votes.

Kathmandu-5: Dr. Pranayashamsher Rana

There are 28 candidates, 14 independent candidates and 14 party candidates in this constituency. Bhupu Military and conflict management expert Dr. Pranayshamsher Rana is a candidate from the National Independent Party.

UML Senior Vice President Ishwar Pokharel, Nepali Congress central member Pradeep Paudel are also contesting from the constituency. In 074, Pokharel was elected from this region. In 2014, Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor candidate Ranju Darshana has also filed as an independent candidate from this constituency.

In the last local elections, UML got 19 thousand 229 votes, Congress got 14 thousand 532 votes, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party got 2 thousand 739 votes, CPN Integrated Samajwadi Party got 1 thousand 553 votes and CPN Maoist Center got 1 thousand 139 votes.

It is certainly not easy to win over a strong organization and a ruling alliance with the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, which has no association with the UML.

Kathmandu-6: Shishir Khanal

Shishir Khanal is contesting from the Rashtriya Swatantra Party as 24 people from Kathmandu-6 have nominated for the House of Representatives. Bhimsendas Pradhan of the Congress and former Inspector General of Police Sarvendra Khanal of the UML are the candidates with the support of the ruling coalition.

Director Silwal, who was the head of the organization department of Viveksheel Sahaj Party, has filed an independent candidature from this constituency.

Shishir Khanal, one of the founders of Teach for Nepal, has sound knowledge on issues of education and health. In the May 2074 elections, Bhimsendas Pradhan of the INC was elected from the region.

Congress is ahead if we look at the votes polled by ward presidents in the last local election of Kathmandu-6.

Kathmandu-7: Ganesh Parajuli

In Kathmandu-7, 29 candidates including 16 independents are in the fray. Shyam Kumar Ghimire of UML, Asmita Singh (Manushi) Yami Bhattarai of Nepal Samajwadi Party from ruling alliance, Rajendra Shrestha from Janata Samajwadi Party, Ganesh Parajuli from Rashtriya Samajwadi Party are candidates from this constituency.

Former MP Ramveer Manandhar, who was elected from this area, has also staked his claim as an independent candidate. Manandhar was elected from this constituency in the 070 and 074 elections.

In the year 2064, 15 years after Hisila Yami won this victory, his daughter Manushi is in the election race. Apart from this, heritage activist Yad Lal Kayastha has also filed an independent candidature in this constituency.

In the last local elections, the Nepali Congress is ahead in party votes cast by ward presidents in Kathmandu-6. In that election, Congress candidate got 17 thousand 277 votes, UML candidate got 14 thousand 303 votes and Maoist center got 2 thousand 462 votes.

Kathmandu-8: Viraj Bhakt Shrestha

In Kathmandu-8, 19 candidates including 3 independent MPs are in the fray. In this constituency, Jeevan Ram Shrestha from Samyukta Samajwadi Party, Shivsundar Rajvaidya from UML, Suman Sammy from Hamari Nepali Party, Prakash Rimal from RPP, Viraj Bhakt Shrestha from Rashtriya Swatantra Party and others are in the fray.

Viraj was elected as a member of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly in 2074 from Viveksheel Saha. Although he is not an independent party organization, he believes that he will win the election on the strength of his work while in the state assembly.

It is estimated that Suman Sayami, who has become an independent candidate for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, will also get good votes in this area. Jeevan Ram Shrestha won the election from this constituency in 074 from the then CPN UML.

In the last local level election in Kathmandu-8, the Nepali Congress is ahead in the votes cast by ward presidents on party basis. Congress got 10 thousand 872 votes, UML got 9 thousand 253 votes, United Samajwadi Party got 5 thousand 142 votes and Maoist Center got 189 votes.

Kathmandu-9: Tech Bahadur Pokharel

In Kathmandu-9, 22 candidates including 10 independents are in the fray.

Krishna Gopal Shrestha from UML and Kalpana Dhamala from Maoist Centre, Tek Bahadur Pokharel from National Independent Party and Independent candidate Milan Pandey are in the fray with the support of the ruling coalition.

Pokhrel, who entered politics through social service, is not finding it easy to win in Kathmandu-9.

UML’s Krishna Gopal Shrestha won the 074 House of Representatives election. Based on the votes received by the Ward Presidents in the last local elections, Congress and UML are the closest parties.

Congress Ward President candidate got 19 thousand 916 votes, UML got 19 thousand 282 votes, Viveksheel Common Party got 4 thousand 946 votes, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPRPA) got 2 thousand 401 votes, Nepal Mazur Kisan Party (NEMKIPA) got 716 votes. . And the Maoist Center got 695 votes.

Kathmandu-10: Pradeep Bisht

Kathmandu – 18 candidates including 3 independents are in the fray out of 10. Congress’s Rajan KC, UML’s Himesh KC, Maoist Centre’s Anjana Vishankhe, Rashtriya Swatantra Party’s Pradeep Bisht and others are candidates from this constituency.

Rajan KC of INC won the 070 and 074 elections from this constituency. The candidates of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party were doing politics since 2004 by being close to the Congress. He left the Congress in 074.

Bhaktapur-2 : Sajan VK

In Bhaktapur-2, 25 candidates including 11 independents are in the fray.

Darshan Thapa of Nepali Congress, Mahesh Basnet of CPN-UML, Anuradha Thapmar of Nepal Labor Kisan Party, Sajan Vik of National Independent Party, Shashi Bikram Karki of Viveksheel Common Party and others are among the candidates.

It is not easy for Vick, who has presented himself as a social worker and activist, to win big candidates of big parties.

Mahesh Basnet of the UML won the seat in the 2074 election. In the last local elections, the Congress is ahead in the party votes received by the ward president candidates in this area.

INC candidate got 25 thousand 764 votes and UML got 24 thousand 285 votes. Similarly, Nepal Labor and Peasant Party (NEMKIPA) got 4 thousand 925 votes, National Democratic Party (RPPA) 4 thousand 172 votes, CPN (Unified Socialist) 1200 votes and Maoist Center got about 1 thousand votes.

Lalitpur-1 : Dr. Sachin Ghimire

There are 21 candidates including 10 independents from Lalitpur-1. In this area, from Rashtriya Swatantra Party, Dr. Sachin Kumar Ghimire has nominated. Ghimire, who holds a PhD in Medical Anthropology, is also a social worker.

It seems that Ghimire, who is contesting for the first time, will have to fight against UML’s Navraj Silwal and Congress’s Uday Shamsher Rana, who was elected from this constituency in 074.

Three rural municipalities of Lalitpur including Godavari Municipality belong to Lalitpur-1. In the last local elections, ward presidents of Nepali Congress got 23 thousand 854 votes, UML ward presidents got 18 thousand 993 votes, Maoist center got 6 thousand 133 votes and RPP got 1 thousand 575 votes.

Lalitpur – 2 : Buddha Ratna Maharjan

In Lalitpur-2, 22 candidates including 8 independents are in the fray. Buddharatna Maharajan is the candidate of the National Independent Party.

UML’s Prem Bahadur Maharajan, Samyukta Samajwadi Party’s Krishna Lal Maharajan and Rashtriya Prajatantra Party’s Raghuvar Raj Thapa are also in the fray. In the 2074 elections, Krishnalal Maharajan of the then UML won from this constituency.

According to the results of the last local elections, UML has a strong hold in Mahalaxmi Municipality and Congress has a strong hold in Lalitpur Mahanagar. UML candidates were elected in wards number 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16 Congress, 12, 17 and 19 of Lalitpur metropolis.

Congress is the largest party on the basis of votes received by the Ward President candidates. His candidate got 19 thousand 882 votes. UMLEC got 15 thousand 710 votes, Maoist Party got 5 thousand 23 votes, RPRPA got 3 thousand 495 votes and Samyukta Samajwadi Party got 3 thousand 192 votes.

Lalitpur-3 : Dr. Tosima Karki

Lalitpur – 20 candidates including 3 out of 7 independents are in the fray. Pampha Bhusal of Maoist Centre, Amrit Khadka of UML, Dr Tosima Karki of National Independent Party and others are in the fray from this constituency.

Karki is a surgeon who came into limelight after the Election Commission’s decision to cancel his candidature.

It is not easy for Karki to compete with Pampha Bhusal, who won the 2074 elections from this region, and UML, which has a strong organization. However, it seems that Karki will benefit from distaste for the old parties among voters.

In Lalitpur-3 area, Congress ward presidents got 19,744 votes, UMLEC 19,711 votes, Maoist Center 7,958 votes and CPN United Socialist 5,129 votes.

We will win surprisingly: Independent Party

National Spokesperson of the Swatantra Party. Mukul Dhakal claims that he will win the election by surprising the big parties in this election. “Most of the 13 seats in the Valley will be won by our candidates,” he said.

He said that even in the proportional system, the limit of three per cent would be crossed. Voters are angry with the big parties. That anger is our vote’, says Dhakal.

He also said that Nepalis living abroad have called their relatives and asked them to vote for the national independence party’s election symbol bell.

“Many of our candidates are not discussed in the Kathmandu Valley. However, internally, our discussion has spread like fire,” said spokesperson Dhakal.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar