13 Years Later, ‘Avatar’ Still Holds World Box Office Record, Opening $30 Million

Kathmandu. Even 13 years after ‘Avatar’ hit cinema, audiences are still amazed by the charm of the planet Pandora. Disney re-released the James Cameron-directed science fiction series ahead of its second series, “Avatar: The Way of Water” for a worldwide release on January 1.

The film has earned around Rs 20 lakh in Nepali cinemas in two days. In its first weekend, the film made $10 million at the North American box office and $20.5 million internationally. The film grossed $30 million in the first weekend.

The film, released in 2009, holds the record for the highest grossing film. Which no film has crossed till now. With the re-release gross, Avatar’s total has reached $2.85 billion. The rerun further increased the film’s earnings.

“We are talking about a 13-year-old film that people can watch in their homes,” says Paul DeGrabedian, senior media executive at comScore.

In North America, Avatar lags behind the other two films. “Don’t Worry Darling” took first and second place with $19.2 million and “The Woman King” starring Viola Davis with $11 million.

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Himal Sanchar