15 Spanish women footballers resign demanding the removal of the coach

15 Spanish women footballers resign demanding the removal of the coach

7 October, Kathmandu. 15 players of the Spain women’s national football team have demanded the removal of coach Jorge Vilda.

He resigned from the national team saying that being in the Bhilda team had a negative impact on his mental health and emotional state.

He resigned on Thursday saying he was not satisfied with the coach’s strategy, decisions and recent results.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has said that players do not have the right to question the coach of the national team. “It is not their responsibility to decide about the coaches. Taking such decisions is creating conflict in football. It is detrimental to the development of football.

The federation has also said that the coaches will not be changed and they will not be invited to the team as per the demand of the players who have resigned. If he wants to return to the team, then the federation has put a condition that he should apologize.

‘This is a serious breach of discipline. Because of this, they can be banned for 5 years.

As this phenomenon is an unimaginable occurrence in women’s and men’s football around the world, the federation is now preparing to replace them with younger players on the team. “There are many young players who take pride in wearing the Spanish jersey,” the federation said.

41-year-old coach Bhilda has been working as the coach of the national team since 2015. Under her tutelage, the Spain women’s team reached the quarter-finals of the 2022 Euros. Spain is set to play two friendly matches at home against Sweden on 7 and 11 October.

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