17 family-run homestays that keep tourists coming back again and again

3 Chait, Sindhuli. Selfie Hill to the east, will want to take a pose photo with the buttressed wall cover on top of the hill. The dense forest in the west, the beautiful mountain scenery that keeps the mind pressed, makes one feel like gazing at it continuously.

Sindhuligarhi, a historical place in the north, Bhadrakali temple of religious importance in the south. Dhungrebhjung is attractive to visit Nagbeli with the meandering and picturesque VP Highway and settlements on the left and right.

There are 30 families living in Kamalmai Nagar Palika-2 of Sindhuli. But in this township with a majority population of castes, 12 families have collectively operated the homestay.

Established as the first homestay in the district, ‘Bhadrakali Community Homestay’, the natural beauty, clean climate, local organic food, simplicity, peace, helpfulness, speech and behavior of the local people make everyone happy.

Started on Chait 29, 2076, the homestay was closed for two years due to the threat of Covid-19. Now it is returning to the old rhythm. According to Chet Bahadur Thapmagar, the chairman of the homestay, so far two hundred internal and external tourists have accepted the hospitality here. He said that the tourists who come to spend the evening stay for four days.

A team of 22 people led by Navraj Gurgai of Janmamitri Capes Bhaktapur wanted to spend an evening at the homestay. But he stayed here for four days and returned enthralled by the hospitality, environment and natural beauty of the place.

Tourists visiting homestays love to eat local, organic cuisine. Local Chicken, Dheedo, Bajra Roti, Phapar Phulura, Corn and Soybean, Gundruk Pickle, Curd, Milk are the favourites’, said Chairman Thapamagar, ‘Guests who come once come again and again.’

Selfie Hill above the homestay has been converted into a business center. As per the homestay programme, 17 families sell local agricultural products available in the district. Junar, Junar juice, seasonal fruits including oranges, vegetables, tea, coffee, snacks are available here.

Travelers tired of long journey if they are not able to stay in homestay then they stop at this place to drink Junar juice, have lunch, take a break from travel fatigue for a while and take pictures of rugs and remember about their journey. make plans. re.

Tourists come and stay in homestays. It has a seating capacity of 50 people at a time. After dinner, according to the wishes of the tourists, you can see the original dance of the Magar caste here. Affordable, accessible and with a family atmosphere, homestays not only provide convenience to tourists.

Employment has also been given to the local people. Uttam Kumari Alemar, a local, sees an advantage in homestays over other businesses. He is confident that the homestay business will improve the future of Dhungrebhjung residents after conducting training on homestay operations and management and visiting homestays in other districts.

VP Highway has proved to be a boon in the development of Dhungrevjung. Till thirty years back there was no option to go to Sindhulimarhi market to buy everything from salt to gold. ‘After the construction of the highway progressed, people from other places ran grocery stores here. Some men, who did not have the capacity to invest and trade, were sent to work abroad, some engaged in subsistence farming. Housewives stay at home’, said Alemgar.

As the number of vehicles started increasing on the highway, water and electricity facilities were added to the houses. With the development of the place, the awareness level increased among the local people. He has started selling local agricultural produce discarded by the highway.

Only three years ago a group homestay was started in this township, which has tourism potential. He said that for this cooperation and cooperation of Kamalmai Municipality, Kandamul Development Center, Krishi Gyan Kendra, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Seeds Nepal, Shri Sindhuli and other organizations are being received.

“We have brought all the families together to operate collective homestays”, said Alemgar, “the investment required to invest in their village produced vegetables, fruits, folk chicken and other dishes, which are prepared daily for the family No. Guest in homestay enjoy it. We are excited as we don’t have to roam around in search of work, it is easy as compared to other professions, businesses, benefits and safe from every point of view.’

After receiving training on homestay operations and management and visiting homestays in various districts, he is happy to see that the homestay will help in economic, social and cultural transformation, raise the standard of living of the local people and bring about a change in daily life.

Vimala Thapamgar said she earned Rs 33,700 by serving 27 guests. After being confined to the kitchen, she became active in the homestay and was able to manage the household expenses with her earnings.

Chandrakumari Zargamgar was shocked when the guest came for the first time. But now he has changed a lot. Training and practice have made him brave. Home-village, from cleanliness to hospitality, taught to cook traditional dishes.

In the paddy field of 6 years, Zargamgar herself is doing the work from millet, paddy, pulses, goat, poultry to planting vegetables. ‘There is no need to wait anywhere to sell products here. The local people are able to get income easily’, she said.

Subhechha Bhattarai of Bhaktapur, who returned from homestay after four days, says that the atmosphere here, the behavior of the villagers and the natural beauty here keep attracting her. The homestay business, which started in 2054 from Sirubari, Siangja, has now spread across the country.

According to Govind Prasad Hamgai, President of the Homestay Association of Bagmati Province, homestays are running in 68 districts including Sindhuli. One thousand five hundred homestays are institutionally registered.

She says homestays are running in 22,000 homes across the country. In Bagmati province alone, 125 homestays are institutionally registered. Of this, 75 homestays are run by the community and others privately.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar