18 pledges to be signed while registering candidature

21 October, Kathmandu. Candidates are required to sign 18 pledges during the nomination registration which takes place on Sunday.

In the guidelines prepared by the Election Commission, it has been said that along with the nomination, the self-declaration form should also be signed. There are 18 different subjects in the self-declaration form.

The candidate should give an undertaking to be completely loyal to the Constitution of Nepal along with the nomination paper. The commission has asked the candidates to declare that they are a ‘Nepali citizen of 25 years’.

The name of the candidate should be included in the voter list.

The commission sought to ensure that the candidate was not disqualified by any federal law. It has been said that it should be ensured that all the three levels of government and the entities owned or controlled by them are not resettled to receive remuneration.

According to the statement issued by the commission, “he would not have held any position of profit such as receiving salary or financial benefits from government money.”

The Commission has pointed out that the person filing the nomination paper must be eligible as per the Election Commission of Representatives Act and the Election Commission Act. At the same time, the candidate must also declare that he is not on the closed list of proportional representation of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Legislative Assembly.

It has been arranged that the candidates who directly file their nomination papers will have to declare that they have not applied for any other field.

The commission has also asked the candidates to declare that they have not given any money or money to any government agency so far. It is also mentioned that there should not be any pending government submissions or payments.

Self-declaration of not having a Foreign Permanent Residence Permit (DV/PR) will be required. The commission has asked the candidates to submit the property details in a sealed manner along with the nomination papers.

There is also a condition that the nominee has to acknowledge that the particulars of the property are approved for making public. It states that if candidates are sentenced to imprisonment or fine, they should also be paid.

It is said that if any tax, revenue, fee, fee is to be deposited to any government agency then it should be paid.

“There should be a commitment to fully comply with the election code of conduct”, said the information sheet issued by the Election Commission, and must be committed to participate in elections under the Constitution, laws and rules of the Election Act. Nepal.”

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar