2 arrested for selling substandard mobile phones

10 January, Birgunj. Police has arrested two people from Birgunj for selling substandard mobiles.

Sesha Avid Ali, 35, of Birgunj Metropolitan City-3 Chhapkaiya and Sheikh Kaushal, 23, of Birgunj-17 Aloon were arrested.

Both of them are the owners of Samson Traders located at Birganj-3 Chhapkaiya. Police raided Samson Traders on Monday, January 9 and seized mobiles and other goods, which were being sold and stored by removing the labels.

Mobil 1050 liters packaged in different names and weights from merchants, SNT PREMIUM BRAKE OIL 200 ml labeled, 45 cans without weight, 2 gallons Battery water 5 liters, 10 gallons Distilled water 1 liter, white colored material pack Police Inspector Dilliraj Sapkota Ward Police Station Office Sripur told that 55 bottles of one liter have been seized.

The police said they are investigating further after receiving a 7-day deadline for black marketing crimes against them from the Parsa District Court.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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