29 years with children, now ‘Tara’ enjoying with Suntala

December 23, Walling. Tara Aryal, who has been having fun with little kids for the past three decades, has now changed her daily life.

Tara Aryal, who was spending time preparing the outline of the children’s golden future, is now engaged in taking care of Suntala. 66-year-old Aryal of Mayatari, Putlibazar Municipality-11, Syangja, served as a teacher for 29 years at Mahendra Devwani Basic School, Pokharichaur, near the village.

Aryal, who has retired from the teaching profession, now leads her daily life in Narangi Bagh. She says oranges are the main source of income as the orange groves are regularly looked after, like children are taught lovingly at school.

Many oranges grew in the courtyard of the house, dill and in the surrounding gardens and canals. The orange garden around the house is Pahalpur.

On seeing this, anyone’s heart becomes happy and cheerful. Due to the abundance of oranges this year compared to last year, the plants have not been able to bear fruit and the branches have fallen. Some plants have been given a couple of supports.

Traders come here every year to take contracts from the orchard itself, as soon as the oranges begin to ripen. This year also she has sold oranges worth Rs 4 lakh through contract. The remaining oranges are now being retailed from the plant itself.

Orange farmers here are storing oranges due to the commissioning of cold storage at Jainsidanda in Putlibazar. To increase the price of oranges, the trend of keeping oranges in cold storage is increasing, which are currently being sold at Rs 90 to 100 per kg.

Oranges produced in Aryal’s orange orchard are sold in Pokhara, Kathmandu, Butwal and other markets along with the local market.

They have now put the oranges in cold storage to increase the price of oranges. He said, ‘At present oranges are being sold at Rs 90 to 100 a kg.’

In the early years, orange plantations were few so the production was low. The income was also less. Aryal claims that she has been earning 25 lakhs from the sale of oranges continuously for a few years.

Production will increase from next year due to the arrival of new orange plants. And they believe that naturally the income will also increase.

He remembers planting two orange trees in 2042. After a few years of trial plants yielding good yields, she moved on professionally.

“After seeing the potential of oranges from the two plants I initially planted, I expanded the orange orchard by planting more trees every year,” he said. Half the plants are new.

Aryal has made preparations to plant two hundred new saplings. The orange orchards are now spread over an area of ​​36 gardens.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar