5 movies that could hit the box office this year

5 movies that could hit the box office this year

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. Some distributors of Nepali films say that it is a great loss for a Nepali producer to lose a big festival like Dashain-Tihar. They understand that if a Nepali film that the audience is waiting for releases soon, it will rise at the box office.

The audience, who have not been able to watch Nepali films for almost two years, are also waiting for some such films, which will break the silence of two years of the Nepali film industry.

Some of the films that were shot after August last year, among the few expensive budget films that were announced before the first phase of the lockdown, have already been set for release. It is expected that this will not only bring a boom at the box office but will also give a new life to the Nepali film industry.

sandal height 3

Produced by Arjun Kumar and directed by Nikesh Khadka, the film will release on January 20. At the same time, two big foreign films are clashing with this film. However, the film starring Swasti Khadka, Supushpa Bhatt, Aamir Gautam, Mahesh Tripathi and others is expected to bring the audience of Nepali films back to the hall.

The trailer of this film has been made public. The business of this movie will confirm how much the audience is waiting for a Nepali film while the audience is returning to the hall for a Bollywood film. The film’s release date was earlier fixed as March 11, 2010.

i sing like this

The release date of ‘Maa Yasto Geet Gonchu 2’, which was worst affected by the Corona epidemic, has been fixed on 6 January. Starring Pooja Sharma, Pal Shah, Dinesh DC, Harihar Sharma and others, the film is directed by Sudarshan Thapa. The first series became a hit, the song of the second series of this film has become a blockbuster. The film is expected to gain a new momentum at the box office as the audience loves Pooja and Paul.

love song 3

The film ‘Prem Geet 3’ is also the most awaited. Although the film was released on Dashain or Tihar this year, it was analyzed that a new record will be set at the box office. However, producer Santosh Sen has fixed the film’s release date as March 30. Directed by Santosh and Chetan Gurung, the film stars Pradeep Khadka, Christina Gurung, Sunil Thapa and Shiv Shrestha in lead roles. Due to the last two series, this film is also awaited among the audience. Hence, the film is expected to draw a huge crowd during the Shivratri holiday.

when the mind is controlled

Directed by Sudarshan Thapa, ‘Samhalincha Kahile Mann’ will release on March 10. Starring Pooja Sharma, Sonam Topden and Akash Shrestha, the film is also seen as a wait-and-see.

The film, which was shot two years back but has not released due to repeated release dates, is also expected to do well in the business.

oh god 4

Ae Mero Hazur 4 starring Anmol Kesi, Suhana Thapa and Saloon Basnet is another much awaited film of this year. Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa is preparing to release this film based on a love story on March 10. However, after the release of two big Hindi films on 1 April, this fourth series of the hit series is more likely to be released on 3 April. All three series of the film ‘Ae Mero Hazur’ are considered to be hits.

Anmol and Suhana’s pair ‘Ae Mero Hazur 3’ also earned an average of 80 crores at the box office. Therefore, this film, which is to be released in the last week of this year, is expected to increase the enthusiasm in the Nepali film industry.

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