A Division League: Clubs developing strategy for the second round

A Division League: Clubs developing strategy for the second round

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. The games of the second leg of the Shaheed Smarak A Division League will begin on Friday. The clubs are preparing for the second round after a few days of rest in the first match played over the weekend.

On Friday, there will be a match between Three Star Club and Satdobato Youth Club and Sankat Club and Friends Club. The match between 3 Star and Satdobato will start at 1 PM and the match between Sankat and Friends will start at 4:45 PM.

Three Stars got off to a great start by beating Castle Youth Club 3-0 in the first match. But since all the goals were scored by the defender, Three Star plans to score a goal from the striker in the upcoming game.

A pre-match conference was organized by All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) on Thursday before the second round match.

Three-star coach Urja Shrestha said that he has prepared well in the gap and will play well against Satdobato. There was a big mistake in the first game. Set the piece round. We got time to prepare. Satdobato is a good team. We are planning to do better tomorrow,” he said.

Coach Shrestha said that although he was satisfied with the result of the first game, he was not satisfied with the failure of the front line players to score goals. He said he would improve the game against Satdobato.

Coach Shrestha said that all the teams playing in the league were good and no one would be taken lightly. ‘All opponents are fine. Every match of ours is like a final. Let’s do it comfortably.

All the coaches play according to their own strategy. It is not easy to play with anyone. Since Satdobato is a new team, it’s even more exciting. We work hard and give our 100 per cent.”

Satdobato’s coach Meghraj KC, who coached Three Star in the previous league, is playing against the former club in the first match of the second leg. He said that he would see the former club as an opposition team. “I’ve coached 8-9 clubs. Friends who’ve played before are also former clubs. There’s also Senna,’ Casey said, ‘I take the opposition as the opposition. I’m likewise 13 of this league. I look at the teams.

He said that despite playing well in the first round, no goals were scored and against the Three Stars this problem will not happen again. “If there is no score in 5-6 occasions, then it will be difficult if the problem recurs. We try to improve it. Three Star have good players. All three of their defenders scored. Let us repeat that problem. Didn’t hit,” said coach Casey.

Satdobato is new to the A Division. Despite having a chance to score in the first game, he could not score a goal and shared the points with friends.

Coach Casey said he would play with Three Star and other teams with the goal of winning. “We will play with 3 stars for 3 points. We have come in for strong presence. We all play for 3 points,” he said.

Casey said South African player Sifmandala Mathenza, who was injured in the first game, had a serious injury and would not play the rest of the game. He said that the club has suffered due to the departure of foreign players.

Crisis and friends in search of first victory

There will also be a match between Sankat and Friends Club on Friday. Sankat drew 1-1 with the Himalayan Sherpas in the first match. Friends played a goalless draw with Satdobato.

Friends coach Mrigendra Mishra said that to win in football one has to score a goal and try to score against the crisis. “The opposition is fine now. The preparation is good. Football is a score. Asti scared. Will try to score tomorrow,’ Mishra said. Crisis is also good. One who attacks and plays from ball position does well. ‘

He said it would be difficult for overseas player Ronel Paul to play in the first game as he got a red card. Mishra said that he will play for victory against the crisis. “It came to our notice then. Draw doesn’t exist. Three wins and one win is more. Playing with a good team also changes our strategy.”

Crisis coach Bishnu Gurung said that he will play for the win against Friends. “Our players are mentally and physically ready. We will play according to our plan and get 3 points.”

He also said that the team is good because of the experienced and good players in Friends. “Their Indian goalkeeper is a good overseas player. There are experienced players including Prakash Buddhathoki. Tim is good,” he said.

Similarly, Machindra Football Club’s coach Pravesh Katuwal and Manang Mersiangdi Club’s coach Rajendra Tamang, who won the first match, said that they will play better in the current game.

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