A Division League: Manang and Police depart from Pokhara

29 December, Kathmandu. Manang Mersiangdi Club and Nepal Police Club left for Pokhara on Wednesday after the first match in the history of the Martyrs Memorial A Division League was played outside Kathmandu.

Manang will play three matches this time at the Pokhara Stadium with the aim of taking the league match to the off-season.

Manang has also made Pokhara Stadium his home ground. In this ground, Manang will play the fifth round match of the league against Nepal Police on 15 December.
Manang and the police team left for Pokhara by road on Wednesday morning.

The match between Manang and Police at the Pokhara Stadium will be the historic match of the A Division League. Because this will be the first A Division league match outside Kathmandu.

The fourth round match was played at Dashrath Stadium, Tripura. Manang will play the fifth, seventh and eighth round matches this time in Pokhara.

Manang will play in the seventh round against Brigade Boys Club at Push 17 and Castle Youth Club at Pokhara Ground on 8 December.

Manang will return to Kathmandu after playing with the Nepal Police. In the sixth round, Manang will play against the previous winners Machindra Football Club on April 25 at the Dashrath Stadium.

Manang is unbeaten and is second in the table with 10 points from 4 matches. With 10 points, Machindra is on top in terms of goal difference. Nepal Police is at the eighth position with five points.

Vijay Ghale, vice-president of Manang Mersiangdi Club, told that Manang will bear all the expenses of the game to be held in Pokhara. Ghele, who is also a central member of the ANFA, said discussions were on with local exits for assistance. Ghale said that 100 and 300 tickles have been fixed for the games to be played at Pokhara ground.

ANFA has also held a press conference in Pokhara on Wednesday afternoon before the game in Pokhara.

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Himal Sanchar