A letter was also found along with the ballot paper in the ballot box, in which the candidate has been accused

8 November, Humla. A letter has been found along with the ballot paper in Humla. The letter was found in the ballot box of the House of Representatives. The letter, addressed to Rawal, the candidate for the CPN-UML House of Representatives, made several allegations against Rawal and his family.

In the letter found in the ballot box of the Himalaya Secondary School polling station of Chankheli Rural Municipality, it is alleged that Rawal had done homework to become a broker when he was the social development minister of the state in the past.

“Many thanks to Rawal ji for the path he chose when he entered political life from NGO life,” read the letter, “Rawal ji, who formerly held the provincial social development ministry and considers himself omnipotent.” Being, did more homework during his tenure to broker the scheme.”

The letter also accused Rawal’s brother and daughter-in-law of threatening civilians.

A dialogue has also been written by Rawal’s brother Poorna Rawal and Dhandevi Rawal about the threat given to the residents of Neemagaon by the citizens of a small town in favor of Hans Aidy.

People: Give us our wages.

Hans: Not happening.

Fool: If you speak more than this, break your hands and legs and treat with the same money.

Voters who wrote letters did not write their names. He has said unknown in the letter. It is written in the letter, “Jai Citizen, Jai Desh, leaders should change their disguise.”

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