A new feature in TikTok, you can notify your friends via video of what you’re up to

Kathmandu. A new feature has come in Tiktok. The company issued a press release and informed about adding new features.

Under this, Tiktok users can invite their friends and show what they are doing at that time.

Using this feature, users can record 10 seconds of daily video or take a photo of anything around them with the front or back camera of their phone.

Although this feature seems new to some people, but it is not new for ‘briel’ users. The main feature of this app is to show the user as real on social media.

Users can take and send pictures in different ways every day using their smartphones. This app was released in 2020.

Recently, there is an increasing number of users using ‘Berial’ in different countries. Similarly, Tiktok’s statement said that this new feature comes with privacy settings to keep teenagers safe.

There is a provision in Tiktok that the account of users below the age of 16 years will be private by default. TikTok users under the age of 18 cannot upload their videos and photos on Explorer.

If the user is in the age group of 13 to 15 years, their content can only be viewed by users who have become friends with them.

It is being said that in the coming weeks this feature will be made available to users around the world.

Himal Sanchar