a trip down the kingdom

Since 2047, this country has been ruled by those who call themselves ‘socialist’, sometimes of this colour, sometimes of that colour. Even seven years have passed since ‘socialism-oriented’ is written in the constitution, but considering one of the key principles of socialism as the basis of ‘strong state presence in public service’, this country does not seem socialist-oriented in any way. Government presence and standards in the education and health sectors continue to decline and these sectors are being handed over to the private sector at a level not seen even in a staunchly capitalist country, by one government after another.

For a typical Nepali family, educating their children means spending all their earnings. If there is a serious illness, those who live in expensive places have to sell their house and farm for treatment and those who do not have it, they have no choice but to wait so long. The state has ensured ‘socialism’ for the so-called ‘leaders’ by distributing crores of rupees every year in the name of ‘treatment’.
There is no mention of transport, the state is sleeping by handing over 100% of the transport sector to the private sector. Even in a highly capitalist country, at least the metros and cities have their own transport service structures, but this is the Nepalese state, written by one, spoken by another, and done by another. !

Tastes very good too! This state, which writes itself as ‘socialist-oriented’ in the constitution, is also happy in the ‘…heat’ delivered from ‘village-to-village Singh Darbar’, but the gram pradhan, i.e. a Nike village-to-village Singh Darbar, each Organizes the feast by making separate rows for the caste. The state works as if it is not visible, the police-administrative bosses return after the same feast and the society says, ‘Okay!’ He rejoices in Ramita.

Dalits are not allowed to live in the state-funded Kiriyaputri building in this socialist-oriented state. Moreover, the dalit family is a communist party supporter-activist family in the country and the deceased’s brother is a district leader. Then the central leaders of the same party also try to save the discriminators. irony!

There is a society which brings lathis and sticks to justify such acts. Then, this society is also ‘concerned’ about the rise of Christians in the country. If the status of a society’s religion is lower than that of a domestic animal, then why does anyone hold on to that so-called ‘religion’? It is natural for Dalits to avoid the so-called religion of such a society. Those who call themselves upper castes should put themselves in place of Dalits.

Whether discrimination will end if Dalits convert to Christianity is debatable, but if they are converting to Christianity at a rapid rate, it is not their fault. The fault lies only with the casteist and arrogant society and the discrimination and despair generated by this casteist arrogance gave the Christian missionaries an opportunity to become active.

If caste discrimination ends then the conversion will stop, because a person living an equal life with others in the society does not get entangled in these things, he concentrates completely on improving other aspects of his life.

Society does not dare to say directly that caste discrimination is right, but it says it in a roundabout way. The argument he gives is ‘broken’ ‘where there is no difference!’ and ‘slowly it goes away on its own!’ But if it is asked how many more decades and centuries the oppressed people of Nepal will have to wait in the hope that discrimination will end in Nepal, they have no answer.

After media coverage of incidents of caste discrimination or violence against women, society asked, ‘Where have Dalit rights activists gone?’, ‘Where have women rights activists disappeared?’ He shouts a couple of times and while doing nothing of her own, Ramita sits down to see him.

Neither the state nor anyone has designated anyone as a ‘women’s rights activist’ or a ‘Dalit rights activist’, it is the responsibility of the society as a whole, but society has discriminated against such abstract ‘rights activists’. given the task of finishing it. Without doing anything

And when some honest people start speaking, writing or propagating about such discrimination and violence, this society abuses them by calling them ‘Dollarist’, ‘Dollar’, ‘Fund’ etc. There are some people who make the issue of social discrimination a means of earning dollars, but many people have started this campaign by listening to their conscience while cutting down on the time given to their families.

If we want to say something again, in a situation where the whole country is running on dollars given by others, all Nepalese are ‘Dolares’, so there is no point in calling any person or group as ‘Dolares’.

To justify discrimination against women, not only the argument in the name of tradition and culture, the society invents one ‘scientific’ argument each. Society has a ‘scientific’ reason for chhaupadi, there is a ‘scientific’ logic in the in-situ story that makes marriage of a seventy-year-old man to a seven-year-old girl ‘right’ and even if it happens, it is an act of sati. Also gives a ‘scientific’ reason.

The society is ‘clear’ that every problem in the society from husband-wife quarrels to family breakdown is caused by women, that’s why we don’t see many men who go abroad for work and live in another house and take care of their family. He disturbs his wife and children. He creates and enacts scenes in films! When a university official sits in an office chair and sexually assaults his staff, he says, ‘It’s not sexual abuse, it’s a sex game’, and sometimes he says to a person who Joe puts his wife’s severed head in a plastic bag and walks around, ‘…the wife must have done too much!’ will tell you.

Society suffers from inferiority complex and despair. To show his inferiority and frustration, he introduces ‘masculinity’ by behaving grossly indecently with minor rape victims, and by endless processions society and rapists are cummed.

And it is an irrefutable conclusion of our society that women are to blame for rape, whether it is on a minor or not. Laughing women are inviting rape, girls walking with men are allowing rape to happen! Girls should not roam the streets of the city after dusk. What is your rate…?’ Those who ask get out of hand.

It is surprising that why the society of such Taliban thinking has not made women wear burqa till now.

The society is chaotic, undisciplined and corrupt. The society should show ‘bravery’ from the procession line to the hospital line. There is a general consensus in our society that rules and regulations are things that ‘others have to obey, not me’.

I asked a Japanese friend who returned to Japan after working in Nepal for a few years, ‘What do you think of when you say Nepal?’ He laughed and replied, ‘A man digging a drain on the road and twenty people watching with their hands on their waist, this thing comes to my mind.’ I have never heard or read a more accurate picture of our society.

The second ‘profession’ of the society, where people keep their hands on their waist and do nothing except watching the fun, is that when others do something, they find thousands of mistakes. Now he has got the task of rectifying the mistake of Mahavir Pun. He is running the ‘National Innovation Center’ so that the country has technological research and development, and some socially useful inventions, but every day, he calls ‘Aaron’ and calls it an innovation center! or ‘Do you know what an invention is? Can it be called an innovation hub?’ Now he has a large group of ridiculers and abusers.

Did the invention come out with a magic wand and can I cast a spell on it? Is there no time for study and research before an invention? The culture of technical study-research is not well established in the society.

After the government entrusted the National Innovation Center with the task of running the agricultural implements factory again, similar derogatory expressions are coming continuously about the work they are doing there.

It is an ungrateful society. A Magsaysay awardee is working with all his might to bring a technological revolution in the country, he is inspiring the younger generation to do the same, but our lazy society just can’t take it!

Sonam Wangchuk, another Magsaysay awardee who is working in Ladakh will be ‘worshipped’ by us, films and articles about him must be read in search, but why so much mockery and humiliation on Mahavir Pun? It is not only a ‘near pilgrimage’, but also the frustration of a society that does nothing and tolerates others doing so. When will this society come out of this desperate weak mentality?

Shortly before Dr. Sanduk Ruit returned home with a prestigious award, almost anonymously, but at the same time the community was cheering and cheering for the release of a prisoner. If that was all, nothing would have happened, but some party ‘online’ said, ‘Others have got more awards than Sanduk Rutt!’ He was expressing his displeasure. Those who cannot differentiate between research and reward have nothing but disappointment.

When society becomes unscrupulous and undisciplined, it becomes ambiguous. This ambitious society has no dreams of winning the Nobel Prize, reaching the Moon and Mars. Also this society does not have the guts to rebel against the gross misrule and expose the corruption before its very eyes, it cannot say a word against the tax run public and the loot of shares in the constitutional bodies. paid by himself. On the contrary, he does consolidation in the hope of earning little by little by becoming the tail of a leader.

Society suffers from inferiority complex and despair. To show his inferiority and desperation, he flaunts his ‘masculinity’ by abusing minor rapists with extreme vulgarity and ejaculates by endlessly celebrating rapists and society.

What kind of ‘politics’ would such a society choose? How will the administration and security system be controlled by that politics? How will the court be ‘elected’ by the same politics? What kind of vice-chancellors and vice-chancellors will be elected from the same politics?

The nexus of such weak elements should be told what is the condition of this state and what is it!

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar