A video going viral on Tik Tok took the role of ‘Sai Saab’

Kathmandu. After a video of a Police Sub-Inspector (SAI) dancing went viral on social media, he lost his job.

Sai Rajkishore Sah, who was on duty with a bardi, arrived on stage to dance in a fair organized at Gadhimai-6 Dharampur, Rauthat. Looks like some girls are already dancing there.

After climbing the stage, Sah starts dancing unlimitedly with the girls.

Even though he asked not to take photos or videos before going on stage, but one of the audience present there is doing Tik Tok live.

The viral video of Sai’s dance started coming in the comments.

The video became more viral after it was shared on other social networks including Facebook.

After a lot of criticism over the video, the District Police Office, Raitahat has suspended Sah from his job.

Himal Sanchar