‘Aaina Jhilko Putli’ earned crores, after Oscar recommendation, demand increased abroad

Kathmandu. Getting the best response of the decade from audiences and critics aaina Jhyalko Putli is running in the theaters from the third week onwards.

In the third week also, the film is getting good support from the audience and will soon start traveling abroad. The response received in the country attracted audiences in the diaspora and now the film is ‘in demand’ abroad.

Producer Akash Poudel has said that most Nepali speaking countries have shown interest in screening the film and the process of selling its screening rights is on. According to producer Poudel, the Australian and New Zealand rights to the film have been sold, while the film has already been sold in Japan.

Producer Poudel has informed that Zambie Entertainment has acquired the screening rights of the film in Australia and New Zealand. The producer, Poudel, said the rights to the exhibition were sold to the two countries for around Rs 15 lakh.

Similarly, the producer has informed that the film is preparing to release in Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the US. Recently the film recommended from Nepal for the 95th edition of the Academy Awards (Oscar) has earned around 1 crore from Nepal’s box office.

The film directed by Sujit Bidari, which set a record for being the first film from Nepal to be selected in the main competition of Busan, won the Best Director award at the Bangladesh Dhaka International Film Festival. Apart from this, the film was also selected in many festivals abroad.

The film, which has been garnering praise from the audience for artistically expressing the three-decade-old environment and society, was produced by Akash Poudel along with Praveen Sangbo, Ramkrishna Pokharel and Sujit Bidari. Apart from Siru Bista, all new actors have acted in the film.

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Himal Sanchar