Afraid of social media, Manoj Gajurel made public about his marriage

manoj gajurel marriage
Kathmandu. Comedian Manoj Gajurel has tied the knot. They divorced four years ago and on Monday married Manju Pokharel, an officer of the Nepalese government’s judicial service.

He has also expressed his apprehension about it while announcing his marriage on social media. Don’t write fictional news. He pleaded, “Don’t tell obscene stories that tarnish Manjuji’s honor and reputation. Don’t make derogatory trolls and videos for the happiness and peace of our children.”

He has also requested not to make fictitious news about anyone’s personal life, linking names with unrelated people, speculating about his past life, present marriage and future plans. Comedian Gajurel said, “I would also like to emphasize that no one is legal, practical and socially allowed to create unnecessary material about our personal matters.”

He also recalled that he and his children had suffered a lot in the past due to chaotic interviews, anti-social activities and indecent behavior.

He said, “Users of YouTube, online news, tic-tac-toe etc are also advised to kindly place, promote and ridicule such activities – please speak and write as a responsible parent. ” Please feel it too. ‘

Afraid of social media, Manoj Gajurel made the information about his marriage public.

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