After graduation, Upasana says- I will continue my studies along with films

Kathmandu. Upasana Singh Thakuri, the famous actress of ‘Kabaddi’ and ‘Dui Numbri’, seems equally hardworking in studies as well as acting. In several press conferences of the film, he has talked about the importance of education along with acting. Along with films, his commitment to pursue studies is also heard.

Upasana has passed her graduation this week. Upasana shared her happiness with the audience after passing the college level. Upasana formally received her graduation certificate at the college convocation held at Hotel Hyatt. To give information about his studies, he has published pictures of the convocation ceremony.

The last few years have been lucky for Upasana. On one hand, he passed his graduation. At the same time, his starrer films like ‘Kabaddi 3’ and ‘Dui Numbari’ were superhit. These two films suddenly took him to a professional career. Upasana has been signed for ‘Dui Numbri’ famed producer’s upcoming film ‘Hattichaap’ and is all set to start shooting soon.

Upasana started her acting career with the 2019 film ‘Captain’.

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