Ancel Announces Festive ‘Home and Away Data Pack’ Plans

Kathmandu. During the festive season, ENCEL customers can avail data services at affordable rates. Ansel Asiata Limited has launched a new and exciting ‘Home and Away Data Pack’ offer to avail data service at home or away during the festival.

Launched on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals, customers can exchange greetings, celebrate the fervor of the festival and stay in touch with their loved ones and friends, the company said. The customer will get a total of 60 GB data including tax in this pack in which 30 GB home data and 30 GB away data will be available for Rs 599.

The pack has been launched by Ncell from Thursday. As per the statement issued, out of the total 60 GB data available in the pack, 30 GB Home data is available for use while the customer is at home, while 30 GB Away data can be used anywhere outside the home. by the company. It is mentioned that the location where the customer activates this pack to play the data under this pack is considered as the home location and other locations are considered as the distant location.

Customers can also change the location of their home pack as per their requirement. The pack states that this pack will be valid for 28 days after launch.

The highlight of the data pack is that once the data volume in the pack is consumed, the Pay As You Go (PG) rate will not be applicable for the duration of the pack. It is mentioned that if the data in the Home and Away data pack gets exhausted, the customer can buy another data pack and use the data.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar