Announcement of the candidature of Vimalendra Nidhi for the post of Nepali Congress President

Demand for Vice President's Fund to call the meeting of the Central Working Committee immediately

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. Nepali Congress Vice President Bimlendra Nidhi has announced his candidature for the post of party president. He formally announced his candidature on Thursday at a press conference at Baneshwar Bhoj in Thapagaon, Kathmandu.

Speaking at the press conference, he said, “At this level of my previous background and leadership experience, I have presented myself as the Central President of Nepali Congress. I would also like to clarify that my candidature is based on the changed political system. Based on prudence and logic to make practical aspects meaningful.

Neta Nidhi has promised to ensure a majority victory for the Nepali Congress in the upcoming elections and to facilitate the generational process in the Congress. The fund will amend the party’s constitution to make it easier to be elected or nominated for more than two generations at any one level or party office.

He also promised to implement the issue of amending the constitution and institutionalize the republic in accordance with the party’s official decision. The fund also announced that it would fulfill its promises within five years.

In the press conference, Nidhi disclosed its vision, goals and objectives:


  • To re-establish the Nepali Congress as the only well-organised, well-organized and capable democratic party in the country and at the international level so that the Congress can win a majority.
  • To facilitate change, generation and generation transfer process in Nepali Congress.
  • Attracting the new generation to the present political system and the Nepali Congress and actively involved them.
  • Emotionally connecting the people of Himal, Pahar, Terai-Madhesh from west to east according to the geographical diversity of the country.
  • To activate women, dalits, tribal-tribes, Madhesis, Muslims, Tharus, Khas Aryans, minorities, handicapped, backward areas and third gender people with respect and create greater harmony among the community in Nepali Congress.
  • To activate all level committees and members of Nepali Congress to protect the language, literature, art, culture, religion and heritage of diverse society like Sundar Phulbari.
  • To make the current political change strong and successful by making fraternal and friendly organizations and Nepali Public Relations Committee systematic, dignified, timely, legal, organized and empowered and to make them particularly active in the service of the country and the people. ,
  • The party will continue to take appropriate initiatives to protect the interests of Nepalis from all walks of life, who are spending their labor on foreign employment, who have gone abroad for study purposes and are abroad for various reasons.
  • To make Nepali Congress a friend to the suffering of farmers and workers living in hills, hills, Terai-Madhesh, discriminated and marginalized citizens and mobilize entire party line to promote their interests.
  • The tears of the families of countless Nepalis who have been victims of brutal violence in the past, who have disappeared or displaced, are still suffering from violence, the tears of their families have not stopped. The cry of compassion for justice is a constant cry. To develop the capacity of Nepali Congress to force the state to listen to those compassionate cries.
  • aim

  • To realize the above vision, I am committed to achieve the following objectives within a period of 5 years by adopting a time bound process.
  • Timely improvement of internal staff administration by organizing Central Secretariat and Library of Nepali Congress.
  • Streamlining the operation of party secretariats in states, districts, regions and municipalities and creating an environment for regular communication and exchange of information.
  • To inculcate the feeling of patriotism and respect towards the martyrs of the democratic movement and the leaders who contributed to the Nepali Congress, to organize democracy knowledge test and Nepal knowledge test in schools and to preserve the memory by naming various sports, literary events. for, schools, health schools, roads etc.
  • To develop the Congress into a dynamic and organized party with the patronage of contemporary peers and the development and promotion of a new generation of leadership.
  • To provide due respect and support to the families of martyrs, injured and displaced Nepali Congress comrades of the democratic movement.
  • To prepare a phased action plan to make Nepali Congress members entrepreneurial, hardworking, self-reliant and self-employed.
  • To prepare a time bound plan to create employment in the country for the youth forced to work abroad.
  • To inculcate the culture of reading and reading among the party members, Congress Library will be established from ward level to district level and party literature will be made compulsory at all levels.
  • Nepalese Congress Central Policy, Institutional development of Research and Training Institute, giving importance to research and training up to ward level including use of information technology and encouraging disciplined, conscientious members.
  • As the President of Nepali Congress, the party’s financial transparency and good governance will be fully adhered to.
  • To properly manage the situation of developed factions and sub-factions within the party and to unite all comrades towards the party’s goal.
  • To develop an environment especially for youths to be active and stay in the party with self-respect.
  • To develop a culture of brotherhood by preventing injustice within the Nepali Congress and ending discrimination by collecting and evaluating friends’ programs at all levels and at all levels.
  • To mobilize the party for the successful implementation of the constitution and political system based on the core values ​​of nationalism, democracy, socialism, republic, federalism, inclusion, mixed electoral system, secularism, non-violence and peace and give a special sense of good governance in general .
  • To implement the issue of amending the constitution as per the official decision of the party.
  • Purpose

  • The objectives of structural reforms are to be achieved within five years to achieve the above objectives.
  • To amend the party’s constitution to facilitate leadership development, change, generational transfer and generation-transfer within the party so that no one is elected or nominated more than twice at any one level or position in the party.
  • For the implementation of the stated objective since the inception of the Nepali Congress to transform the Nepali society into an egalitarian democratic society, suitable programs relating to social change at the ward, municipality, state and central level will be prepared and implemented.
  • June 12-13 at Kakani, Nuwakot, 2077 B.S. To implement all the suggestions made to strengthen the party by the meeting of district presidents of the party by amending the constitution and implementing it in the party.
  • To introduce the institutional practice of evaluating elected representatives of the party who conduct exemplary and popular programs at the ward, municipality and state level.
  • To organize regular training camps targeting the elected public representatives at all levels of the party on planning and implementation, good governance, cooperation, coordination and various issues of the party and to motivate the party members in the campaign by intensifying the cooperative movement.
  • To provide for a central mechanism to regulate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Party policies and programs at the central, provincial and local levels.
  • Keeping in mind the geopolitical realities and needs of the country, the party will further strengthen ties with neighboring allies India and China and improve ties with other allies who are assisting Nepal’s development and democratic process.
  • To establish the powers of the States concerned with the Nepal Police and Civil Service which are mentioned in the Constitution but not enforced and to implement it as the official language in the respective States as recommended by the Commission on Languages.
  • The party will develop friendly relations with political parties from various countries, including the Socialist International, who share similar ideologies and seek the interest of Nepal.
  • Other improvements

  • To start ‘Jai Nepal Gunso Seva’ to reach out to the concerned bodies at the earliest by listening to the grievances of the public from the party center to the state, district and local bodies.
  • To conduct suitable programs for the old leaders and workers of the party in their respective villages with their own interest and participation. For this mobilization of local, district and state units of the party.
  • As president, I organize my family and society to reduce air pollution, protect the environment, education, health and sanitation, conduct active social campaigns through party members, and implement international conventions on climate change. I would like to give my full support and assistance to do so.
  • Information and communication has made a significant contribution in today’s world. I would like to express my gratitude to all media friends for their love and support. I will take special initiative in the development of media sector and professional development of media personnel on behalf of Nepali Congress Party.
  • To reform the nature, conduct and behavior of Nepali Congress as a whole and to prove practical to the people Congress and the people to Congress.
  • Connect voters with tree signs and people with four flags.

  • Source: OnlineKhabar

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