Anti-government protests intensify in China, some arrested

12 November, Kathmandu. Anti-government protests are intensifying in China against the restrictions imposed to prevent the corona virus.

Some were arrested during the demonstrations. The BBC reported that some of the participants in the demonstration in China’s main commercial city of Shanghai were arrested on Sunday night.

The police have now banned the entry of common citizens at the main protest site in Shanghai. People who walk on that road and take photographs are caught by the police at various places.

The protests began after 10 people died in an apartment fire in Urumqi, China. The protest that started in Urumqi spread to other cities in China with people saying that they were killed because the government did not allow them to leave their homes due to the lockdown.

And this protest has turned into a protest against the zero Covid policy of the government and the protesters have even demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping. At some places, the protesters have lit candles, while at some places, the protesters have taken part in the procession showing white papers.

Speaking against the Communist Party and the government in China is considered very dangerous. Those who speak and protest against the government and the party can be jailed. However, without its flow, Chinese citizens have taken to the streets.

Even though pictures and videos of anti-government demonstrations are surfacing on social networks and international media, the Chinese media is still silent about this demonstration.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar