Apple and Facebook team up for ad-free content

Kathmandu. Facebook and Apple have been face to face for a long time. It is rarely heard that these two companies cooperate or talk about each other.

However, now there will be cooperation between these two companies.

Apple announced at its ‘Worldwide Developers Conference’ held in 2020 that users will be asked whether to allow cross-app ad tracking while using the app.

Facebook opposed the matter.

Apple made this feature available to users with the iOS 14.5 update. After this it was believed that the relationship between these two companies was not good due to differences.

But this difference did not last long.

According to the news published in The Wall Street Journal, Facebook and Apple are preparing a ‘revenue sharing agreement’, that is, sharing income with each other.

According to the published news, both these companies are discussing on providing subscription service for ad-free content on their platform.

It is believed that Apple will make its in-purchase service free. It is also being told that Apple is preparing to cut the post boosting service.

Facebook has been providing post boosting service for its users for a long time. This feature has been especially useful for small businesses.

Detailed information is yet to come about how much the user will benefit from the cooperation of these two companies or what other facilities the company will bring.

Himal Sanchar