Artist’s Experience: ‘Unforgettable Decade of Childhood’

Artist's Experience: 'Unforgettable Decade of Childhood'

September 27, Kathmandu. The atmosphere of the decade has already touched many. From the general public to the artists are in the atmosphere of the decade.

Due to Corona, the stage shows and film activities of the last two years have been almost non-existent. As the atmosphere has returned to normal, tens of stage shows and film activities have taken place.

How are the artists celebrating this decade? Some artists have shared their decade’s plans and experiences with online news.

Pramod Khareli

Singer Pramod Kharel is celebrating Dashain at his home in Jhapa. He has reached Jhapa on Monday by performing in ten special concerts in Kailali, Chitwan.

‘Dasai’ could not be celebrated last year. Didn’t have much fun,’ Pramod told online news- ‘This time I am in a mood to celebrate Dashain in a good way with my family.’ He said that he had turned down an offer from outside the country to celebrate Dashain with his family this year.

Pramod told that he would get his blessings by getting vaccinated from the hands of his parents and relatives, and would celebrate Dashain by meeting his relatives. Pramod says that it is fun to get blessings from people, relatives and neighbors after a long time.

The decade he enjoys is from childhood. He said, “The decade of Sanobella seems unforgettable. In Dashain Lingye used to play ping pong, Dashain used to go to the market to buy clothes. Ping is no longer visible. My mother-in-law is from Assam. It was fun going to Mama’s house by train. Assam has a different atmosphere than Nepal, they celebrate Dashain with more fanfare than here. The fun of celebrating a holiday at Mama’s house in Dashain was something else.

Pramod narrated another story of Dashain in his childhood. Now it is being seen day and night on the Internet that there is no curiosity.

Pramod said that many childhood memories including buying Khasi, going to the forest and covered with red clay, or bringing lime, distributing jute for Lingye Ping, beating Chiura in Dhiki are now missing. “I miss the joy of celebrating Dashain at a young age,” he said.

Dayhang Rai

Actor Dayang Rai does not celebrate Dashain. Dayhang said that his family and relatives should gather in Dashain to get vaccinated and seek blessings. However, he said that he was impressed by the enthusiasm of the decade.

Busy at work at other times, he gets family reunions, good-natured melomaso this time. ‘Sometimes it happens because of work. Since there will be a little more holiday in Dashain, you can have fun with your family,” Dayhang said.

Dashain Dayhang is also a time to meet friends. He said that he would meet his friends who had not been able to meet him for a long time as there would be a long holiday in Dashain.

Stating that there are no other plans in Dashain, he said, “I will spend Dashain time with my family.” I also meet some friends.’

swasti khadak

Actress Swasti Khadka will not celebrate Dashain this year. Swastima said that her family would not celebrate Dashain due to the death of a relative. He also said that there is not much enthusiasm this year due to the lack of vaccines.

“There are no such plans this year. I spend ten years at home with my family,’ Swastima said.

Swastima considers her childhood decade to be unforgettable. She said, “It is a pleasure to remember Dakshina now having long school break in Dashain, buying new clothes, going for vaccination and getting it from Thulabada.”

Swastima’s ancestral home is Ramechhap. However, she lived in Kathmandu from an early age. ‘My family took me to the village in the decade when I was in seventh grade. It was always fun to visit the village for the first time, celebrating Dashain in Kathmandu. I miss the joy of that decade,’ says Swasti.

Kulendra Vishwakarma

Popular singer and model Kulendra Vishwakarma has reached his home district Parbat with his family on Monday. He said that he would celebrate Dashain by vaccinating his parents and relatives and meeting his friends in the village.

Kulendra is also remembered for his childhood. ‘Not the decade I was when I was a kid. There was a lot of excitement because I could go to school for longer hours, put on new clothes, eat sweets and write ping pong,’ he says.

They have experienced the downfall of decades ago and now. ‘When I was a kid I used to get excited a month or two ago. Today’s children do not have that.’

identity officer

Singer Asmita Adhikari says this year’s Dashain will be celebrated in both Jhapa and Kathmandu. She has also given presentations in some stage programs before Dashain Tika. Asmita, who gave a musical performance at Gaighat, Udaipur on Sunday, will reach Simara on Tuesday and will have a lot of fun with the audience.

After the program, she will celebrate Dashain in Jhapa and Kathmandu.

‘Jhapa also has relatives. There are parents and relatives in Kathmandu. So I will vaccinate both sides,’ she said. Asmita says that she is feeling happy and excited for some time before Dashain arrives. She also says that she remembers her childhood decade even more.

Remember Bhandari

Folk singer Bhandari is celebrating Dashain in her home district Lamjung. She plans to celebrate Dashain by seeking blessings from her family and relatives. She will go to Syangja after vaccinating her family and relatives in Lamjung. ‘There are parents made in Siangja. I will also get Dashain vaccinated with him,’ Samjhauta said.

She recounts the gap between childhood and the present decade. He said, “Childhood was a lot of fun. When Dashain came, I felt a different happiness. You can wear new clothes. You can go to Mama’s house. Getting vaccinated could have earned a lot of money.

He said that now the priority is to meet family and relatives and seek blessings of loved ones, but he will always remember the happy decade of his childhood. He said that after Dashain Tika there are some stage programs.

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