Artmandu brought ‘Binayo Lawyer’

Artmandu brought 'Binayo Lawyer'

Artmandu Nepal, which brings together music videos of different tastes, has released a new music video.

Artmandu, who has earlier released music videos like ‘Ke Maya Lagch Ra?’, ‘Teenpatte’ and ‘Baaf’, released ‘Binayo Vakil’ on Saturday itself.

Ankit Babu and Sunita Thegeem have sung the song with lyrics by Sushma Sigdale and music by Ankit Babu Adhikari. Music has been given to the song by Rikesh Gurung.

Dedicating the golden era of Nepali cinema of the 80s and 90s, this ‘Binayo Vakil’ has been produced, said Artmandu.

Its video features Biju Parki and Kavita in the role of Nepali heroes and heroines.

The video also features actors in the roles of villains, supporting villains, comedians and character actors. The video has been prepared in the old fashioned way.

Project supervisor Naveen Chauhan said that ‘Binayo Vakil’ was made in memory of his childhood film. Choreographed by Biju Parkki, Lahore and filmed by Susan Prajapati, the video is edited and color coordinated by Krishna Bhandari.

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