As soon as the elections were over, the people of Manang started getting severe cold.

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18 November, Manang. In the Manang district of the Himalayas, as soon as the temperature of winter intensifies, the people of Manang have started feeling the cold. With the onset of winter, the people of Manang migrate to Besi to escape the winter, when adverse weather conditions pose problems to their livelihood.

Due to the time of elections this year, the Manang people entering the district have reduced after the elections when it is bitterly cold.

Chief District Officer Ravindra Prasad Acharya told that when the cold started increasing in Manang, the people of Manang went to Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places to escape from the cold. “When it snows in winter, the people of Manang go out of the district to escape the cold,” he said.

From mid-October, the time has come for the residents of the district to go to Besi to escape from the cold. But this time Prajia Acharya, who was out after the election, said. It’s snowing time. Cold water freezes. Because of this, they are forced to move out”, he said.

Acharya says that the people of Manang go out of the district for about four months to avoid the winter. “Manang residents are forced to go outside to transport food and drinking water,” he says. He said that even though the number of tourists was less till this week, the traffic was on.

“Till the time tourists come and go, some tourism professionals stay here. Manang remains mostly deserted during the winter season.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar