Baburam in a state of mind not to contest direct elections

October 11, Gurkha. A situation has come in the mind of Nepal Samajwadi Party (NESPA) President and former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai for not doing electoral politics.

Few days back Dr. Bhattarai in discussions with people close to him has started expressing his intention to focus on party politics and idea building.

He says that he will not contest direct elections on party lines or sit in proportional elections. “He (Dr. Bhattarai) is now looking to move away from power politics and focus on party politics and thought-building,” says a leader. When he turned 70, he said that the new generation should We should leave’ and we should help the new generation politically ideologically.’

Prachanda, who was a guest at the tea party organized by NESP, Kathmandu on Saturday, said that he and Baburam Bhattarai will now stand together and it will mean a lot.

Prachanda, while calculating the age, said that a new model of prosperity and development should be given, ‘There are not many years left in our lives. We have calculated. over a decade. After providing a new model of development for a decade, we dream of leaving the world happily.

Prachanda and Bhattarai are of the same age. According to a Maoist leader, after the election, Dr. has agreed between the two leaders that Bhattarai will focus on ideological political work.

Prachandji, power politics and Dr. Both the leaders have made an agreement so that Bhattarai can focus on political ideological work,’ said the leader. Will feel insecure if elected proportionally, and Prachanda also does not want to see Bhattarai become an MP.

But leaders close to Bhattarai are pressurizing him not to decide not to contest the elections. A leader says, “It is not his personal matter, we have also said that he will not be allowed to do left and right in this election as he is also associated with us. He did not agree.’

According to the leaders, the discussion on this between Prachanda and Bhattarai will be decided today.

An agreement has been reached between the Maoist Center and the NESP to contest the elections on the same symbol and unite the party after the elections. The leaders of the CPN Unified Socialists have also said that they are ready for this and will fight the elections on the same manifesto.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar