Bajrayan Vihar was built in Lumbini with the help of Kathmandu Metropolitan City

14 October, Lumbini. Bajrayan Vihar built in Lumbini in collaboration with Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been inaugurated. On Sunday, President Vidyadevi Bhandari inaugurated Bihar.

Inaugurating the Math, President Bhandari said that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal and it is the pride of Nepal and Nepalese. She said, “I say the same thing, Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal.” Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment through his long penance and gave invaluable thoughts to the world community. The country also develops.

Vidya Sundar Shakya, head of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, said that she is happy to build the monastery with financial support from Kathmandu Metropolitan City. “When the representative of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City visited Lumbini, the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation expressed its commitment to provide some assistance after seeing the original but unfinished monument,” he said. “We have provided assistance accordingly.” He also said that he is happy to be inaugurated by the Hon’ble President today.

“We have seen that different countries have helped in the construction of other monasteries,” said the chief Shakya. Yes

I am proud to see that the Math has been built in a way that reflects the originality of our support.’ Sakya said that like Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the federal and state governments seek the support of all in showing the originality of Nepal.

Artistic windows, doors, tundals and traditional Nepal Mandal gates have been manufactured in Bihar with the help of Rs 429.18 million.

Manikarn Shakya, vice-president of Nepal Traditional Buddhism Association, said that around Rs 160 million has been spent so far and it is expected that it will be completed with an investment of Rs 20 crore.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar