Beekeeping Business: Name with Price

Beekeeping Business: Name with Price

September 28, Tanhun. Ram Nath Mishra of Vyasnagar Municipality-1, Galbubesi of Tanhu are earning well by selling honey and bees in the last season. He has given an inspiring example that if you have the skill and the passion, you don’t need much investment and land to make money.

Initially starting the business with three hives, he has now grown to 90 hives including Serena bees. He has also been successful in making a name for himself with the dream that he can earn enough with a small investment and even from a small area.

He told that his annual income is one lakh rupees.

According to Kul Prasad Tiwari, head of Krishi Gyan Kendra Tanhun, being one of the beekeepers of the district for the last one decade, beekeepers are imparting knowledge by showing their fields. Farmer Mishra said that it was easy to increase business due to the grant of 40 houses from the Center. Recently, customers have been coming to his house to buy honey and bees.

He said, ‘400 minds of honey is being sold from the house at the rate of one thousand rupees per mind. He said that he is not disappointed that this year due to heavy rains the bees were not able to collect much honey.

He has recently started selling bees to farmers who want to take up beekeeping for Rs. “I have no shame in working. You can earn more at home than abroad,” he said.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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