Birganj industrialists demand to bring 20 years industrial policy

Birganj industrialists demand to bring 20 years industrial policy

9 Manseer, Birganj. The entrepreneurs of Birganj have urged the government to bring a long-term industrial policy. Speaking at a program organized in Birganj on Thursday on the occasion of Industry Day, he said that 20 years or 40 years of industrial policy should be brought without any change in the political leadership.

They argue that due to unstable politics and the interests of the political leadership, industrialists get into trouble when industrial policy changes.

Hari Gautam, vice-president of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that a 20-year industrial policy is needed to get rid of the crisis of political instability. He said, “Industry is built by pouring money into river deltas. After lack of roads, settlements develop.”

He is of the view that an industrial area should be established after assessing the environmental impact at a time by preparing infrastructure including land, roads, electricity, security system and sewerage in an area of ​​1000 bighas. He said that the Labor Act is impractical, there is no sewerage system in Bada Parsa Industrial Corridor and farmers are affected due to lack of wholesale vegetable market.

Former President of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ashok Baidya stressed on the need for result oriented programs for industrial development. “It is a tradition to organize programs and complete formalities after the budget is out,” he said. There should be result oriented work.

He said that industrial development is not possible due to the tendency to change policy as soon as the government changes.

President of Nepali Yuva Udyami Manch Birgunj Anoop Agarwal said that domestic industry should not be harmed while attracting foreign investment.

“There is talk of attracting foreign investment in campaigns like Make in Nepal. The state should make a clear policy on which areas to bring and which areas not to bring,” he said. Foreign investment should not be brought to the detriment of the domestic industry.

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) president Ganesh Lath said the ‘hundi’ has flourished as Indian tourists carry 25,000 Indian rupees.

Young entrepreneur Ashish Lath said that the government should take industry as the economic backbone. He said that the state should identify the need by conducting a feasibility study and create a conducive environment for industrialists to invest.

Parsa Chief District Officer Umesh Kumar Dhakal said that no stone will be left unturned for the peace and security of the industry. Assuring the solution of the problem at the local level, he said that otherwise it will be like a bridge between the industrialists and the government. He said that an environment should be created for the return of the industries displaced from the big industrial corridor.

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