Box office coordinator’s comment on ‘Prem Geet 3’ and Halwala controversy: Board didn’t interfere with anyone

Box office coordinator's comment on 'Prem Geet 3' and Halwala controversy: Board didn't interfere with anyone

Kathmandu. The Film Development Board, the regulatory body of Nepali films, has been embroiled in a controversy at a time when it has become necessary to start work on finding an international market, from making the box office effective. Controversy with ‘Prem Geet 3’ and the film association is swirling around the board.

There is a tug of war between the film association and the board over the management of the night show. What is the role of the board in this dimension? What is the current controversy? What are the priorities of the board and how can the box office be effective? Edited excerpts from a brief conversation with Raj Katuwal, Box Office Coordinator and Board Member under:

What is the current dispute between the board and the film association?

I don’t think it’s a dispute. Everyone has expressed their views. The Development Board works as per its policy rules. The board has not interfered with anyone. Makes the same rules for everyone.

It is alleged that the film was not allowed to play after 11 pm, what do you have to say about this?

We did not say that it should not be used and that it is not available. This is being said wrong. The old rule is that it can be used till 11 o’clock. The only thing is that if you have to drive at night, you have to take permission from the district administration office.

Because the hall is not a night job. From our side it is especially important to use it if it works 24 hours a day. The film association has also filed a petition in this regard and we are meeting on Thursday.

Had to do something. Instead of taking permission from the CDO, they want it to be from the board. We can meet that demand tomorrow. The decision we have taken is not wrong.

It is alleged that ‘Prem Geet 3’ was banned from the night show to meet him?

This is a personal opinion. I don’t think the board should react on this. Government agencies do not target anyone and make policies and rules. There’s no need to make it. No policy will be made after the consent of all the seven members of the board. Policy makers do not see whose movies are coming and whose movies are going.

No one discriminates against their children. We have treated the love song like a Nepali film. The more Nepali films run, the more profit we get. We welcome any Nepali film. We are not wrong.

What are the board’s plans to make the real time data of the box office effective?

I am the box office coordinator. We also sat down with the developer who built the box office system. What is the problem in between, we come to the conclusion by finding out about the real time data. There will be a meeting in a couple of days and the process will start. After clicking on the hall we are doing the calculation to go to the board.

What are the board’s priorities for the coming year?

We have to find a market internationally. We also encouraged them to start with Prem Geet 3. We respect that he has done what the government and the development board should do. We have submitted a proposal to the ministry on matters ranging from budgeting to making policies and rules to find markets abroad. Hope to do well after getting approval.

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