Buying a new mobile phone in the decade? keep these things in mind

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Kathmandu. Dashain-Tihar is a time for producers and sellers in Nepal to sell their goods and for most consumers to buy with the money earned throughout the year. As the tenth of Tihar is approaching, there has been a lot of activity in the market.

Identifying goods and products according to your needs also reduces the chances of fraud during the holidays. In this regard, we have specially prepared some content for the convenience of the consumers who are preparing to buy mobiles and gadgets.

Consider your needs and preferences before choosing a smartphone. In fact, a smartphone is a kind of computer that can be carried in a pocket for various purposes. It is important to consider for what purpose the smartphone is to be used.

It is not necessary to spend more than Rs 20,000 on a smartphone just to run a social network. If you have a special interest in mobile games and want to enjoy the game in a very ‘smooth’ way, then you can get such a smartphone for around Rs 40,000. If you want great design and ‘performance’, then you should be prepared to spend more than Rs 50,000.

Operating System

If you are buying an Android mobile, there are different versions of Google software available in the market. Before buying a new smartphone, it is important to know the difference between the latest version of Android. MarsMallo, Nougat, Orio and Pie, Android 10 and Android 11 are the latest versions of Android. A new version of Android 12 is coming in the market.

Design and Features

Personal interest in both the exterior design and software for smartphones and gadgets is important. Some may prefer curved and rounded edges and straight designs. And others can see that it is made of a stronger type of sharp edged metal.

Recently, gadgets are coming in the market one after the other according to the different interests of the customers. However, the design of the gadgets also plays a role in its features.

Recently, ‘Unibody’ made of metal has become very popular. However, it is not possible to use the memory card and remove the battery. Before buying any equipment, it is important to check its quality keeping in mind your comfort.

Size and type of display

For those who want news updates and high quality graphics for Android games, a display of at least 5.2 inches is suitable. Especially for those who use a smartphone for social networks including Facebook and Twitter, even if it is a small screen, it works. Especially the display of Android is available in two types of technology LCD and AMOLED. The main difference between the two is the projection of light.

Theoretically, LCD screens are best viewed in bright and direct sunlight. On the other hand, AMOLED display is suitable for bright light and limited color situations. However, with the advent of new technology, the distinction between the two types of displays has become less important. Pictures for Full HD and Q HD resolutions can be considered almost flawless.


The processor is considered to be the most important aspect of the device, on which the ‘performance’ of the device completely depends. Sometimes processor capacity limits software updates. Qualcomm and MediaTek can be considered safe for the processor.

On this basis the amount of available RAM is important for any processor to function properly. While the processor is important, it is important to look at the smartphone and its technical ‘specifications’ as a whole.

internal memory and location

If you think that the old mobile that you are using now has less space and you want to increase it, then check the RAM and internal memory of the smartphone carefully. Don’t base yourself solely on what’s written on stickers and boxes. Keep an eye on how much space the pre-installed apps are taking up.

Although the storage capacity of the smartphone can be expanded via a microSD card, it is better to opt for a larger internal memory than using an external memory card.

Before choosing 64 or 128 GB of internal memory, think carefully about how much memory you really need. Are you using your computer’s hard drive to save movies, music, files and AV apps? If not, 32 GB of internal memory may work.

The Hard Drive option also has an option to use the most recently available cloud services. At least 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory can be the minimum base.

battery life

Another important aspect when choosing a smartphone is battery life. Having a high mAh score doesn’t mean much about battery life. Various parties are working to make the charge last longer.

For example, some people may think that the higher resolution consumes more energy, while the later processors increase battery life. It also has slow and fast charging technology.

Rather than looking at just one technical feature, it is important to know how all such factors work on the device as a whole and what are the consequences. However, you can take at least 3,000 mAh battery as a base.


Camera quality and features are very important for the users of smartphones and gadgets. In such a situation, smartphone makers are also paying special attention to increasing the quality of the camera.

Megapixel score, hybrid auto focus, optical stabilization, manual model, special effects and selfie special features are important aspects for digital cameras. Especially don’t rely too much on the technical numbers shown.

Not only do megapixels enhance the photo quality, but the integrated sensor, lens quality, pixel size, etc. If you’re in the store, you can launch the mobile camera application and check the brightness of the shot and find out about the software features yourself.

Software and Features

Do you want a phone that can do all kinds of things? Do you want all the features you want including Fingerprint Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, UV Sensor, Swiss Army Knife, Batmobile? If so, your range of choices is wide.

The mid-range smartphones that have hit the market recently can fulfill that kind of need. However, it is not a good idea to limit the range of your smartphone options based on hardware features. For that, turn on the display and look for the software feature inside the phone.

If you do give your gadgets to kids from time to time, don’t forget to make sure to turn on the ‘Guest Mood’ or ‘Parental Control’ feature. If you’re used to reading e-books on Android, see if there’s an option to match the color of the display. It can also help with eye protection. So the external design and features of the device should not be limited to a general overview.


Probably if you have limited amount of money to buy a smartphone, that is the first basis of mobile price.

It’s a matter of personal preference whether to use up all your pay or buy another set that is cheaper but meets the need in parallel. But don’t forget to consider that some devices may be better than others in most of the range.

Buying a new mobile phone in the decade? Keep these things in mind.