South Korea will give 2 billion for two projects

South Korea will give 2 billion for two projects

7 October, Kathmandu. South Korea will provide a grant to set up a cyber bureau for the reintegration of migrant workers. According to the finance ministry, the grant will be used to strengthen a phased support system for stable reintegration of migrant workers returning to Nepal from Korea and to set up a cyber bureau … Read more

Bagmati State Government’s subsidy of 16 crores to milk producing farmers

July 13, Hetaunda. Ramesh Acharya of Kavre Panauti, who sold 41,000 liters of milk in the last financial year, will get a subsidy of Rs 67,000 from the Bagmati state government. He has already planned to spend the money on improving the barn after getting the subsidy from the state government. The amount the state … Read more

Financial Equalization Grant will be transferred in four installments

July 3, Kathmandu. The financial equity grant allocated to the lower government will be transferred in four instalments. Controller General of Accounts Sumanraj Aryal gave this information while sending the budget implementation guidance for the current financial year 2079/80 to the Treasury and Accounts Controller. According to him, one-fourth of the financial equalization grant will … Read more

Kathmandu Metropolitan Policy Program: From Grants to Film Branding

June 6, Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has also incorporated aspects of film, music, drama and the arts into its policies and programmes. In the policy and program presented on Sunday, Mayor Balendra Sah (Balen) mentioned that he would collaborate with relevant bodies to brand the city of Kathmandu for conducting international film, music, arts and … Read more

Madhes government will send Rs 10,000 directly to the bank account of small farmers

15th June, Janakpurdham. The Madhes government is going to send 10 thousand rupees directly to the bank accounts of small farmers. The State Government has drawn up a work process for the implementation of Mukhyamantri Kisan Utthan Karyakram, which seeks assistance in food security and poverty alleviation of the marginalized and low-income farmers and agricultural … Read more

Things to understand before forming an opinion about MCC

The US government’s proposed 50 crore (about Rs 55 billion) grant to Nepal through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is currently at the center of controversy. It has been argued and claimed that taking this grant would adversely affect the sovereignty of Nepal. The dispute has reached a normal level. Before forming an opinion about … Read more

10 lakh grant to A Division Football Club of Kathmandu

Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has provided a grant of Rs 10 lakh each to five Martyrs Memorial ‘A Division Football’ clubs in Kathmandu district. Metropolitan Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya handed over a check for the grant money to the club presidents. The recipients of the grants include Machindra Club, Sankata Club, Himalayan Sherpa Club, Manang … Read more

Goat rearing grant to mayor’s wife and relatives

29 January, Dhangarhi. Mayor Potilal Chaudhary’s wife and close people have been included in the list of recipients of goat rearing grants to be distributed by the Far-West Provincial Government in Belori Municipality of Kanchanpur. The Bheteri Hospital and Veterinary Services Specialist Center of the state’s Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperation is preparing … Read more

Grants to paper makers, not farmers!

December 24, Kathmandu. There is a need to reconsider ‘Agriculture Subsidy’ in the Parliamentary Committee stating that genuine farmers are not being benefited by the paperwork. The MLA suggested suspension of the subsidy being given from the state treasury with the intention of benefiting the people in the name of farmers. In the meeting of … Read more

Press Council requests grant

29 October, Kathmandu. Press Council Nepal has invited applications for grants to media and journalists in various fields. According to the program approved in the budget of Media Development Fund for the financial year 2078/79, the council has issued notice for grant. It is mentioned in the notice to apply to the council office within … Read more

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