Netherlands beat USA in quarterfinals

Netherlands beat USA in quarterfinals

17 November, Kathmandu. The Netherlands has entered the quarter-finals after defeating America 3-1 in the first match of the last 16 under the ongoing World Cup in Qatar. Memphis Depay, Dale Blind and Denzel Dumfries scored for the Netherlands. America’s Haji Wright returned a goal. Memphis Depay completed a pass from Denzel Dumfries to give … Read more

Last 16 matches will be played in World Cup football from today

17 November, Kathmandu. In the ongoing World Cup football in Qatar, the knockout stage i.e. the last 16 matches are starting from today. The knockout stage matches are going to start the next day after the group stage matches are over. The knockout stage matches starting today are expected to be more exciting. Today there … Read more

Iran missed a historic opportunity to reach the knockout stages of the World Cup

14 November, Kathmandu. With the only goal from Christian Pulisic, the United States secured a decisive victory over Iran and entered the knockout stage of the World Cup. The United States, the runner-up from Group B, will face Group A winners the Netherlands in the last 16. In the 38th minute of the game, defender … Read more

World Cup: US Soccer Federation teasing Iran before the match

13 November, Kathmandu. America and Iran will compete in Group B of the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday night. Before this game, the effect of the long-standing cold war between Iran and America has also been seen. The US Football Federation has removed the Islamic republic’s emblem from Iran’s flag in a graphic post on … Read more

Nepali students going to US increased by 5.6 percent

30 October, Kathmandu. This year, there has been an increase of 5.6 percent in the number of Nepalese students in the US. According to the Open Doors report of International Educational Institute of America, 11 thousand 779 Nepali students are studying in America in the year 2021-22. According to the report, this is an increase … Read more

Prestigious American award for Prabal Gurung’s fashion stature for standing up to attacks on Asians

Kathmandu. American Fashion Designers Umbrella Organization (CFDA) has presented the ‘Positive Social Influence Award’ to the ‘House of Slay’ at the fashion level of Nepalese-born Hollywood fashion designer Prabal Gurung. Under Gurung’s leadership, Asian-born Hollywood fashion designers Laura Kim, Philip Lam, Tina Leung and Ezra William set the stage. who campaigned against hateful attacks on … Read more

Lawmakers pressure US President Biden to change Ukraine policy

photo credit: Reuters/Tom Brenner 8 October, Kathmandu. Lawmakers have pressured US President Joe Biden to change his strategy regarding the Russo-Ukraine war. The Russo-Ukraine War has been going on since June 1. America has been helping and supporting Ukraine. However, after the Russo-Ukraine war did not stop, the Liberal Democrats insisted on changing their strategy. … Read more

Biden announces amnesty for common federal offenses related to marijuana

21 October, Kathmandu. US President Joe Biden has announced amnesty for common federal offenses related to marijuana. In a video message on Thursday, Biden announced the release of all people charged with consuming and possessing marijuana in the nation’s federal prisons. Earlier, during the presidential election campaign, he had expressed his commitment to take this … Read more

US bans big technology companies from investing in China

Kathmandu. The US government has banned technology companies established in their country from investing in China. The US has banned state-aided ‘advanced technology companies’ from investing in China for 10 years. According to international media, the Joy Biden administration has decided to stop companies receiving aid through US federal funds from investing in China or … Read more

War between America and China on the moon!

Shown in red circles are areas where China and the US could clash over the landing of astronauts. August 20, Kathmandu. Where will the astronauts go to the moon in the future? Now there is going to be a fight between America and China on this issue. The US space agency NASA has finalized a … Read more

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