Does iPhone Battery Drain Quickly? How to improve battery life

Does iPhone Battery Drain Quickly?  How to improve battery life

Kathmandu. Battery life refers to the amount of time a device can last from one charge to the next. As phones become more advanced and more and more features are added to the phone, there is a strain on the battery and the problem of battery not charging and draining quickly arises. Sometimes the battery … Read more

iPhone has these amazing features, do you know?

iPhone has these amazing features, do you know?

Kathmandu. The operating system called iOS has made the iPhone completely different from any Android phone. Apple’s iPhone, which is considered to be the best in terms of digital security, also has many such features about which the common users might not know. Also know some features. iphone secret button There is no button on … Read more

Are the iPhone 13 and 14 Really the Same?


Kathmandu. The iPhone 14 series released by Apple last week is now in discussion. People have started comparing various features of the new series. Some users are publishing reviews of new series. Today we are discussing here about the difference between the two major iPhone models. Thus, the company always gives more priority to the … Read more

WhatsApp gaining support on older iPhones since October

WhatsApp for iOS rolls out the ability to listen to audio messages while in a different chat

Kathmandu. If you are still an iPhone 5 or 5C user and using WhatsApp on it, then WhatsApp will stop supporting such phones from next month. According to Wabetainfo, an organization that provides information about WhatsApp’s beta, the company is planning to stop support for phones based on iOS 10 and iOS 11. In this … Read more

iPhone production halted in India


Kathmandu. Apple Corps has shut down its plant in South India after a long-running protest over food poisoning. More than 250 female workers of the factory fell ill due to food poisoning. Of these, 150 had to be hospitalized. Therefore, the dharna that started 12 days ago (December 18) continues even today. Foxconn, the Taiwanese … Read more

Telecom will provide data packs to iPhone buyers

Nepal Telecom urged not to install suspicious apps on mobile

Kathmandu. An agreement has been entered into between Nepal Telecom and Apple’s official vendor Evolution Trading Pvt Ltd to provide bundled data packages for Apple’s mobile phone (iPhone) buyers. As per the agreement, Evolution Trading’s 7 outlets in the Kathmandu Valley and outlets outside the Valley will offer a free package of 12GB data per … Read more

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