‘Kabaddi 4’ earns more from OTT than YouTube: Khagendra Lamichhane

'Kabaddi 4' earns more from OTT than YouTube: Khagendra Lamichhane

Kathmandu. Rambabu Gurung-directed film ‘Kabaddi 4’, which made the highest-grossing record, is releasing on the OTT platform from Friday. In the press conference held in Kathmandu on Thursday, it was told that the film will be released on Cinema App. Director Gurung said that he is going to release the film digitally, targeting the audience … Read more

A case has been registered in the court against actress Miruna and film technician Thakuri for assault.

Actress Miruna Magar and Buddhist monk Phurawa Tamango Kathmandu. Buddhist monk Phurwa Sangmo Tamang has filed a case of misbehavior and assault against actress Miruna Magar and film technician Prithvi Singh Thakuri in the Kathmandu District Court. Tamang filed a case on behalf of the plaintiff in the registered case and demanded punishment as per … Read more

51 days of ‘Kabaddi 4’: 228.3 crores earned in Nepal, 40 lakhs in Australia

Kathmandu. ‘Kabaddi 4’ completed 51 days of performance on Saturday. After a long time, a Nepali film has achieved this feat. During that time the film had earned Rs 2283 crore 38 thousand 864 at the domestic box office. On Saturday, the film also completed 51 days in Australia. The film grossed over 40 million … Read more

Celebrating 51 days tomorrow, ‘Kabaddi 4’, ‘Thor’ earned 28.5 crores in seven days

Kathmandu. American superhero film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ has done a good business in the first week at the Nepalese box office. According to Apple Entertainment, the Chris Hemsworth starrer has earned Rs 28.5 crore in seven days. Apple’s Janish Pahari said the film is expected to cross the Rs 3 crore mark in the … Read more

Ban on ‘Kabaddi 4’ only temporary: Sikkim Film Board

Kathmandu. The Sikkim government is currently banning the public screening of Nepali film Kabaddi 4. Chief Minister Prem Tamang Gole had said that the film was banned to maintain religious and social harmony. The ban on demonstrations is ending next Friday. The Sikkim Film Promotion Board has said that the ban on ‘Kabaddi 4’ is … Read more

‘Kabaddi 4’ garners Rs 192 cr in India’s opening weekend

Kathmandu. Nepali film ‘Kabaddi 4’, which is releasing across India from Friday except Sikkim, has made an encouraging start. On Friday and Saturday, the film opened with Rs 12 crore (Rs 192 crore). According to Sushma Productions, India’s distributor of the film, the film was released from PVR’s 176 Hall including Hanya Multiplex. For the … Read more

India’s biggest multiplex chain PVR to release ‘Kabaddi 4’

Kathmandu. The film ‘Kabaddi 4’, which has hit the diaspora all over the world including Nepal, will be released nationwide by PVR, India’s biggest and most prestigious cinema. PVR will be screening the Rambabu Gurung directorial at its Indian outlets from Friday. PVR has informed on its official website that ‘Kabaddi 4’ will be released … Read more

Kabaddi 4 will break the record of ‘Bahubali 2’ in Nepal if it earns an additional Rs 55 lakh

Kathmandu. Will ‘Kabaddi 4’ be able to break the highest-grossing record of ‘Baahubali 2’ at the domestic box office? This tug of war has become a matter of great interest for the box office pundits. The fourth series of Dayahang Rai starrer ‘Kabaddi’ has earned Rs 224.7 crore in 28 days. ‘Bahubali 2’ had a … Read more

‘Kabaddi 4’ created controversy

The Sikkim government of India has decided to ban the screening of the film ‘Kabaddi 4’. After Sikkim’s Buddhist clerics accused Kabaddi 4 of insulting religion, Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang has said that the state government has decided to stop the screening of the film. All religions should be respected, ‘Kabaddi 4’ team should … Read more

‘Kabaddi 4’ benefits ‘Prakash’ by playing abroad, nets 1 crore before release

Kathmandu. While ‘Kabaddi 4’ is doing well overseas, its direct benefit is being seen in another Nepali film ‘Prakash’. As of Monday, the film has earned Rs 7.5 million in the United States, Australia, Europe and Canada. The film will fetch a net worth of Rs 3 million as it has been sold in the … Read more

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