Edible oil and pulses are costlier than the market at the subsidized shop

Dashain Concession Shop: Offers a discount of Rs 5 per kg on food grains

file picture 2 October, Kathmandu. It has been found that the price of masoor dal and cooking oil is more expensive in the subsidized shops opened by the government than in the market. It has been found that the prices of Musuro dal, Mustard, Sunflower and Soyabean oil have increased by Rs 13 to Rs … Read more

Discussion on stopping export of edible oil after price hike

edible oil becomes expensive again

March 25, Kathmandu. The government has started discussions to stop the export of edible oil from Nepal to India. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has said that they are trying to tighten exports as oil is being exported to India by creating artificial shortage in Nepal. According to a highly placed source in … Read more

Industrialists are arbitrarily increasing the price of edible oil

edible oil becomes expensive again

25 January, Kathmandu. Entrepreneurs have arbitrarily increased the prices of all types of edible oils. He has increased the prices of all three types of oils, including mustard, soybean and sunflower, in a period of two weeks. According to the Nepal Retail Trade Association, the price of soybean and sunflower oil has increased by Rs … Read more

Commerce Department’s query to industrialists: Why did the value of edible oil improve?

Surveillance and arrest threatens edible oil producers not to import oil

August 20, Kathmandu. The Commerce Department has mentioned the hike in edible oil costs with oil producers. Department spokesperson Shivraj Sedhai stated that within the dialogue held within the division on Friday, six questions requested to industrialists weren’t answered. He stated that there was no concrete response to the complaints obtained from the division, market … Read more

Himal Sanchar