Emergency treatment of 700 people in Trishuli Hospital during the tenth holiday

One million assistance from local level to add ICU to Trishuli Hospital

26 October, Nuwakot. Around 700 patients have received emergency health services from Trishuli Hospital Nuwakot during the Dashain festival. More than twice as many patients have taken emergency treatment services during this year’s tenth holiday as compared to the previous festival. According to the medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Deependra Pandey, during the last … Read more

Cash circulation increased by 57 billion in the decade, deposits decreased by 13 billion

One billion budget freeze for all eight local levels of Jumla

24 October, Kathmandu. Cash circulation has increased by Rs 57 billion during the decade. Revati Prasad Nepal, executive director of Nepal Rastra Bank’s currency management department, said the cash circulation will increase to 57 billion by 23 October, which will increase with the new note matching facility from 26 August. He said that before August … Read more

Today is Kojagrat Purnima: Goodbye to Dashain, welcome to Lakshmi ji

Today the festival of Dashai is being celebrated by saying goodbye to Lakshmi ji on Kojagrat Purnima.

23 October, Kathmandu. Today Kojagrat Purnima, the festival of Dashain, is being celebrated by welcoming Lakshmi. On the occasion of Kojagrata Purnima, the 15-day long Durga Paksha, the great festival of Nepalese, ends by staying awake all night after worshiping Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is a religious belief that on this day, Mahalakshmi, … Read more

Fourth day of Tika: Prasad of Navadurga and blessings of Thapne

Fourth day of Tika: Prasad of Navadurga and blessings of Thapne

22 October, Kathmandu. Today, on the day of Ashwin Shukla Trayodashi, there is a competition to go to the homes of loved ones and take the blessings of Navdurga in the form of offerings. After worshiping the goddess for nine days, the process of offering prasad and taking blessings from dignitaries continues till the day … Read more

Chaudhary died due to a car collision while going to Mamaghar to get the Dashain vaccine.

Chaudhary died due to a car collision while going to Mamaghar to get the Dashain vaccine.

October 20, Butwal. A car rammed the scooter in Rupandehi, killing 21-year-old Jharna Choudhary. According to the police, he died in an accident in Rupandehi on Wednesday evening. She was injured when she was driving scooter number Lu 41 P987 and collided with car number Lu 1 J 2853. Shyam Aryal, DSP, District Police Office, … Read more

Fear of fake currency in the face of elections and elections, how to identify Sakkali?

How to identify counterfeit notes?

19 October, Kathmandu. Dashain is a festival where there is a lot of money transactions. During this there is a lot of cash flow for cash transactions and donations. On Dashain, new notes are in circulation for charity Dakshina and Pooja Aaja. The market is crowded and cash transactions are also high. Consumers should be … Read more

Prachanda vaccinated daughter-in-law, bare forehead

Prachanda vaccinated daughter-in-law, bare forehead

19 October, Kathmandu. Maoists used to celebrate Dashain during the people’s war. The supreme commander of that mass war is Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda, president of the Maoist Centre. Since the massive peace process, Dashain is being celebrated in his family. After the peace process, Prachanda celebrated Dashain with his father Mukti Ram Dahal. His father … Read more

a wanderer’s carefree journey

a wanderer's carefree journey

19 October, Pokhara. When the others were returning to the nest after the end of Dashain, he took a bag and climbed the mountain. He had already reached Kagbeni when he was trying to bring flowers to other houses. Kagbeni Day was also the first point of Gurung’s (28) visit this year. From where he … Read more

Status of the migrant: life abroad, mind at home

Status of the migrant: life abroad, mind at home

Every festival reminds of Nepal to Gajen Katuwal of Deumai Municipality Panitar of Ilam, who has been living in Dardfod, London for 16 years. Even after working 10 hours a day, he still finds time for Nepali festivals. He tells us that during Dashain, where his friends bring their parents from Nepal, they go and … Read more

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