Maoist general secretary Dev Gurung loses, Prithvisubba of UML elected

Maoist general secretary Dev Gurung loses, Prithvisubba of UML elected

Prithvisubba Gurung was elected as the member of the House of Representatives from Lamjung. 8 November, Lamjung. Prithvisubba Gurung, deputy general secretary of the CPN-UML, has been elected as the member of the House of Representatives from Lamjung. He defeated CPN Maoist Center General Secretary Dev Gurung by a margin of 3 thousand 188 votes. … Read more

Dev Gurung and Prithvisubba: A Competition of Reluctance

24 October, Pokhara. Dev Gurung, who won the election from Kaski-1 and Manang in the first Constituent Assembly election, chose Manang. In the second Constituent Assembly election, Gurung, who broke away from the Maoists, boycotted and did not participate in the elections. After returning to the Maoist party, he became a candidate for the House … Read more

Kaski 1 discusses Dev Gurung, but he says: My choice is Lamjung.

15 October, Pokhara. In the ruling coalition’s Bhagwanda, Kaski’s representatives are discussing taking one each from the Nepali Congress, the CPN Maoist Center and the CPN Unified Socialists in the three assembly constituencies. The candidate has not been decided as there is no consensus in Bhagwanda itself. It is discussed that Maoist general secretary Dev … Read more

EC’s interpretation will lead to vacancies in House of Representatives: Dev Gurung

August 28, Kathmandu. CPN Maoist Centre’s general secretary Dev Gurung has said that due to the interpretation of the Election Commission, there will be a vacancy in the House of Representatives. Speaking at the Parliamentary Hearing Committee meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Secretary General Gurung said the Commission’s clarification would lead to … Read more

Maoist Dev Gurung General Secretary, who else is in office? (with list)

August 4, Kathmandu. The CPN Maoist Center has finalized the office bearers after eight months of the convention. The 21-member official team, which also includes General Secretary Dev Gurung, was decided in the Standing Committee meeting held on Saturday. In a meeting held at the party office, Parishad, President Prachanda proposed Gurung as the General … Read more

Maoist response: It cannot be said that the President has violated the Constitution

29 July, Kathmandu. The CPN-Maoist Center has replied that it cannot be said that President Vidya Devi Bhandari has violated the Constitution by sending back the Citizenship Bill. Dev Gurung, Chief Whip of the Maoist Parliamentary Party, said that the President’s withdrawal of the Citizenship Bill cannot be called a violation of the Constitution. ‘Constitutionally … Read more

Expressing support for the promotion of the film, Rawal and Gurung said – do not delay in putting barbed wire on the border

Kathmandu. Party leaders have expressed their support for the campaign for the film ‘Barbed Tar’, which states that barbed wire should be installed along the border with India. In the dialogue program held on Wednesday, he praised the role played by the film in the defense of national independence. The film, directed by Naval Khadka, … Read more

There is danger of war and military activity in front of Nepal: Dev Guruangi

25 July, Kathmandu. CPN Maoist Center leader Dev Gurung has said that there is a threat of military war and terror in front of Nepal. Addressing a program organized in Kathmandu to give information about Nepali Film Conditor, he said that there is also a danger that Nepal can become a battlefield like Ukraine and … Read more

Navy is chasing the leader: Dev Gurung and Bhim Rawal will help in the promotion of the film ‘Condator’

Kathmandu. Producer and actor Naval Khadka is promoting his film ‘Candator’ these days only in political circles. Two weeks ago he proposed to the president of the student body that barbed wire should be installed on the Nepal-India border based on the plot of the film. On Sunday morning, he met CPN Maoist Center leader … Read more

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