Shooting of Namrata and Gaurav’s ‘Nambari Sun’ started from Bhainspati

Shooting of Namrata and Gaurav's 'Nambari Sun' started from Bhainspati

Kathmandu. The shooting of the film ‘Nambari Sun’ starring Gaurav Pahadi, Namrata Sapkota and Saroj Khanal has started from Srikalichaur, Bhainspati, Lalitpur. It is said that the film directed by Raju Giri will tell the story of Nepali society 70 years ago. In public photos from the sets of the film, pride and decorum can … Read more

The release of ‘Parastri’ and ‘Padeshi 2’ was stopped after the release of ‘Thula Film’.

The release of 'Parastri' and 'Padeshi 2' was stopped after the release of 'Thula Film'.

Kathmandu. Shreyad Chhetri and Shilpa Maske starrer ‘Parastri’ has been postponed from its scheduled release on February 19. The release was put on hold following the release of ‘Chakkapanja 4’ and ‘Chadke 2’ on that date. Producer Sharmila Pandey said that the film would not release on that date due to delay in technical work. … Read more

‘Harry’s Love’ premiere: Deepak-Deepa to movies watched by Dr. Bhola Rijal (with pics)

'Harry's Love' premiere: Deepak-Deepa to movies watched by Dr. Bhola Rijal (with pics)

Kathmandu. The film ‘Hariki Pari’ premiered three days before its release. Famous personalities, media persons and other guests were present in the ceremony organized at Big Movies Multiplex located in Kamalpokhari on Tuesday evening. Renowned physician and lyricist Dr. Bhola Rijal’s film production company BR Productions is back in film production with this comedy and … Read more

‘Chackpanja 4’ song ‘Darshan Salaam’ released with teaser

'Chackpanja 4' song 'Darshan Salaam' released with teaser

heart is iron Chatt Maya Darshan Salam The first song ‘Darshan Salaam’ from the much-awaited film ‘Chakkapanja 4’ is out. The song contains important scenes of the film, in which the context and atmosphere of the village elections, so that the song can be considered as the teaser of the film. The plot, characterization and … Read more

Seven years of ‘Pashupati Prasad’ release: Seven reasons why it’s as relevant today

Seven years of 'Pashupati Prasad' release: Seven reasons why it's as relevant today

Kathmandu. Today (Sunday) it has been seven years since the release of ‘Pashupati Prasad’. Even today watching this film feels equally touching and unique. It can be considered as a powerful creation of visual narrative. The film was a hit in terms of both box office and reviews. Not only that, it maintained certain standards … Read more

The profits of ‘Soul of the Commando’ will be used to help the poor and needy

The profits of 'Soul of the Commando' will be used to help the poor and needy

Soul. The film ‘Soul Of The Commando’ will donate 10 percent of the profit to the poor and helpless. Baluhang Rai, coordinator of the Exhibition Management Committee, said that part of the profit of the film, which is being shown in South Korea from January 21, has been set aside for the support. According to … Read more

KGF star Yash as Ravana in the film ‘Ramayan’

KGF star Yash as Ravana in the film 'Ramayan'

Kathmandu. Bollywood producer Nitesh Tiwari is preparing to make a mythological film based on Ramayana. The script is ready, in which Hrithik Roshan has been offered the role of Ravana. But according to the latest news, it is not Hrithik but ‘KGF’ star Yash will play the role of Ravana. According to the recent news … Read more

Vipin, Priyanka and Shilpa in the country

Vipin, Priyanka and Shilpa in the country

Kathmandu. The lead cast team has gone to Daudha for the promotion of the film ‘Phoolbari’ which is set to release from 5th February. Vipin Karky, Priyanka Karky, Shilpa Maske and others will promote the film in five cities across the country and ask the audience to watch the film. Kaudaha started from Butwal on … Read more

Two films on the same date of Dayhang, ‘Bihe Pass’ also on the first Baisakh

Two films on the same date of Dayhang, 'Bihe Pass' also on the first Baisakh

Kathmandu. Actor Dayhang Rai will release two films on the same date. Days after ‘Jari’ announced that it will release on Baisakh 1, ‘Bihe Paas’ also said that it will be screened on the same date. The release date of ‘Bihe Pass’ has been announced by releasing the poster on Thursday. Starring Prakriti Shrestha in … Read more

Nazir Hussain’s ‘Pink: A Colour’ on Baisakh 15

Nazir Hussain's 'Pink: A Colour' on Baisakh 15

Kathmandu. The release date of the film ‘Pink: Ek Rang’ starring Nazir Hussain and Sanchita Luintel has been announced. Releasing the character poster on Thursday on the occasion of Saraswati Puja, the production company said that the film will be released from May 15. Nazir can be seen in the look of a transgender woman … Read more

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