Who won the Nobel Prize this year?

Who won the Nobel Prize this year?

21 October, Kathmandu. With the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize, the announcement of this year’s Nobel Prize is almost over. This year’s Nobel Prize will be announced on Monday after the Economics Prize is announced. The Nobel Prize, given since 1901, is given to people who have made contributions to literature, science and economics. … Read more

Who is the scientist who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year? so is nelibeli

Kathmandu. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the year 2022. According to which three scientists have received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. Carolyn R. for her contribution to the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry. Bertozzi, Morten Meldahl and K. Barry Sharpless was awarded … Read more

French writer Anne Enoch wins Nobel Prize in Literature

20 October, Kathmandu. French writer Anne Enoch will be awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature. After winning the prize, Enoch called the author a political act. He said, ‘Writing is a political act, which opens our eyes to see social inequality.’ Born in 1940, author Enoch grew up in Yvette, a small town in … Read more

Abdul Razak Gurna awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

September 21, Kathmandu. This year’s Nobel Prize in Literature will be awarded to Tanzanian novelist Abdulrajak Gurnah. On Thursday, the Swedish Academy decided to honor Gurnaah with this year’s Nobel Prize for his portrayal of the effects of colonialism and the culture and fate of refugees in the Gulf region. Gurna was born in 1948. … Read more

Louise’s concern about profitable the Nobel Prize for poetry – I’ve no associates anymore!

Spring has really returned to me proper now Not as a lover, however as an angel of demise Spring continues to be happening, I nonetheless look on politely. The above strains are the final phrases of the poem of the identical title, revealed in 1999 by the American poet Louis Gluck, Nobel Laureate of Literature, … Read more

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