5G mobile service started simultaneously in 8 cities of India

5G mobile service started simultaneously in 8 cities of India

15 October, Kathmandu. 5G mobile service has officially started in India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 5G mobile service at the Indian Mobile Congress 2022 held in Delhi. With this, the path of ultra high speed internet has been opened. 5G service has started in 8 cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Varanasi. … Read more

Huawei comes up with a cover to make Forge phones automatically FiveG

Kathmandu. Huawei has not been able to manufacture 5G smartphones due to US sanctions. The US government has banned the sale of any Huawei products. Due to which Huawei has not been able to use the chip that supports FiveG. The company is currently procuring the chipsets required for the forge based on the old … Read more

Instructions to Nepal Telecom for immediate testing of 5G

January 22, Kathmandu. Communications and Information Technology Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has directed Nepal Telecom to immediately test the 5G service. Minister Karki said that the Nepal Telecom Authority has already given approval for the service trial and directed Nepal Telecom to provide the service to the public by conducting the test immediately. Speaking at … Read more

Huawei, which is going through sanctions in Europe and the US together with an indigenous firm

Kathmandu. Huawei, which has been banned in lots of nations for its FiveG infrastructure, is doing effectively in its residence nation. Currently, the United States and a few European nations have banned Huawei from utilizing FiveG expertise. Sweden has additionally lately banned Huawei from utilizing 5G expertise. Domestic firms are doing this to an organization … Read more

Samsung forays into FiveG infrastructure

Kathmandu. Samsung has made the primary leap within the 5G preview. Vodafone UK has been chosen because the provider for constructing its FiveG infrastructure and Samsung has entered FiveG. This is a big achievement for Samsung. Companies like Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia dominate the worldwide FiveG market. In these, Huawei has been banned in lots of … Read more

Oppo showcases new technology at FiveG at Mobile World Congress

Kathmandu Chinese smartphone brand Oppo is set to showcase its latest technology at the Mobile World Congress, Shanghai (MWCS) in Shanghai, China. The event, to be held from 23 February, will run for three days. In which Oppo, along with its partner, will present the results of its new test in FiveG space. In addition, … Read more

Samsung is bringing the first fiveG smartphone with flip lens

Kathmandu Samsung is set to launch the first five G smartphones with a flip lens, the Galaxy A82. According to various reports, the A82 will have a flipping lens for the camera, like the Samsung Galaxy A80. Earlier in 2019, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A80. Recorded with a 6.7-inch true full screen display, the phone … Read more

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