Maoist Declaration: Subsidy to filmmakers based on socialist values

Maoist Declaration: Subsidy to filmmakers based on socialist values

Kathmandu. The CPN-Maoist Center has announced the implementation of a grant and incentive program for the production of films instilling socialist values. In the election manifesto released on Monday by Maoist Centre’s President Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, it has been said that a policy of establishing intellectual rights to ensure copyright and paying royalty to … Read more

Five films including ‘Hijo Aajka Kura’ in theaters today

Kathmandu. Five films have been shown in Nepal since today. Nepal’s ‘Hijozka Kura’, India’s ‘Doctor Ji’, ‘Godfather’ and ‘Kantara’ and Japan’s ‘One Piece Raid’ have been released. Directed by Sakar Pant, the film is a feature version of the ‘Hijo Aajka Kura’ series that was first aired on Nepal Television. The film, with a duration … Read more

Tomorrow five films will be released in Nepal, there will be pressure on box office and show

Kathmandu. Five films are releasing in Nepal on Friday. Nepal’s ‘Hijozka Kura’, India’s ‘Doctor Ji’, ‘Godfather’ and ‘Kantara’ and Japan’s ‘One Piece Red’ will be screened. When five films release on the same day, the option of watching according to the interest of the audience is open, but there will be pressure on the box … Read more

National Bank said that the provision of collateral is necessary for giving loans to films.

Kathmandu. The National Bank has replied that loans for film production can be given only if there is a provision for mortgage guarantee. Governor Mahaprasad Adhikari and President of Film Producers Association Akash Adhikari discussed ‘Project Loan’. The presiding officer said that though he sought a loan by pledging the film, the governor asked for … Read more

Aamir’s ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ and Akshay’s ‘Rakshabandhan’ rocked the screen.

Kathmandu. Breaking the tradition of releasing on Friday, two Bollywood films have been released in Nepali cinemas on Thursday. Aamir Khan starrer ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ and Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ were released on the occasion of Janai Purnima and Rakshabandhan festival. Hollywood and Nepali movies will not be shown this week. Aamir and Kareena Kapoor … Read more

Expressing support for the promotion of the film, Rawal and Gurung said – do not delay in putting barbed wire on the border

Kathmandu. Party leaders have expressed their support for the campaign for the film ‘Barbed Tar’, which states that barbed wire should be installed along the border with India. In the dialogue program held on Wednesday, he praised the role played by the film in the defense of national independence. The film, directed by Naval Khadka, … Read more

‘Topgun Maverick’ breaks ‘Titanic’ record, yet to be shown in China and Russia

Kathmandu. Finally Tom Cruise starrer ‘Topgun: Maverick’ has broken the record of ‘Titanic’ at the US box office. According to Variety magazine, the film has grossed $662 million at the North American box office as of Sunday. With this earnings, ‘Topgun 2’ has become the seventh highest-grossing film in America. It also holds the record … Read more

Story from gangster to policegiri in Nepali hall from today

Kathmandu. Three new films were released on Friday. Nepali film ‘Ma’, Hollywood’s ‘Bullet Train’ and Indian film ‘Ram Rao On Duty’ have been released from today. The film ‘Ma’, directed by Suvarna Thapa, has been kept in the genre of suspense, thriller and drama. The 1 hour 55 minute film depicts a suspected patient admitted … Read more

Saugata’s confession: If a film is like a drama, it’s important to strike a balance

Kathmandu. How important is time? Coming to this stage in life, actor Saugata Malla is finally realizing the answer. Because in the year 2079 itself, eight films starring Malla are being shown. Radha, produced by him since Kabaddi 4 became a blockbuster, will be released on August 10. A week before that, ‘Michael Adhikari’ is … Read more

a window into a sad time

14 July, Kathmandu. 12 years ago, I was blown away seeing the play ‘Paniphoto’ being staged in Gurukul. At that time two things were spinning in my mind like a film reel. First – a poignant moment of feeling the pain of the families of those missing in the armed conflict and eyes weeping in … Read more

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