A businessman asked for one line parking on the footpath in Nayabaneshwar

A businessman asked for one line parking on the footpath in Nayabaneshwar

file picture 30 October, Kathmandu. The businessmen of Nayabaneshwar have demanded to park in a line on the footpath. Traders trading in shutters, who played a key role in the removal of sidewalk traders in Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s plan, have demanded that one-line parking be allowed on the sidewalk. In Baneshwar, businessmen launched a campaign … Read more

a thin outer box placed on the sidewalk

21 October, Kathmandu. Nepal Electricity Authority is going to install thin-sized ‘outdoor cabinet boxes’ if the power lines are underground. Previously, the large cabinet boxes placed on the sidewalls were removed and a reflex-shaped cabinet box was installed. The Project Management Directorate of the Authority directed the Consultant to redesign the boxes which were placed … Read more

The city removed the footpath traders of Koteshwar area (Photo Feature)

August 8, Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started evacuating footpath traders from Koteshwar area. In the Koteshwar area, the metropolitan police is doing the work of removing and confiscating the goods of the businessmen running the business by occupying the footpath. Following the instructions of Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen), the Metropolitan Police is now taking … Read more

Mayor Balen Sah inspected the footpaths of Baneshwar

17th July, Kathmandu. The Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balendra Sah (Balen) inspected the footpaths in the Nayabaneshwar area. Earlier this morning, he took stock of its progress by removing the business happening on the sidewalk. Naveen Luintel, president of the Nayabaneshwar Businessmen Association, said that Mayor Sah took stock of the condition of the … Read more

Trample on the sidewalks of Kathmandu, a dangerous walk (Photo Feature)

14 July, Kathmandu. Kathmandu Valley has a population of over 6 million. Of this, 2 million people use their own vehicles. However, 4 million people still use the sidewalk. The same footpath is also a victim of encroachment. What about a road box that is difficult for the visually impaired to access? This is a … Read more

The city is clearing the pavement by removing the home owners and shutter traders

10 July, Kathmandu. There is no trader on the footpath in New Baneshwar for three days. After daily clashes with the city police, local residents and people doing business in the shutters, traders on the sidewalk that were visible only in the evening have stopped appearing. The Municipal Corporation is not aware of their status. … Read more

सडकको व्यापार : सहरका गरिबले विकल्प भेटेनन्

२ Sawan, काठमाडौं । ‘ढिक्काको ५०–ढिक्काको ५०’, नेपाल वायुसेवा निगम अघिको आकाशे पुलबाट झर्नासाथ आउने कोलाहलमा पनि यो आवाज निकै चर्को सुनिन्छ । सानो प्लाष्टिकमा नुन र फिटकिरी बेच्न फुटपाथमा बसेकी काभ्रे बेथानचोककी चमेलीमाया स्याङ्बोलाई घाँटी सुक्ने गरी कराउन मन त छैन, तर नकराए व्यापार हुँदैन । चिसो भुइँमा लटपटिंदै भए पनि दैनिक गुजारा र … Read more

Pavements and plants in the graves of protesters

March 10, Kathmandu. What did the mob do in the Naya Baneshwar area, which became a battlefield after the clash between the MCC opposition and the police on Sunday? On Monday, returning to a quiet place, the scene was enough to answer. Even after the cleaning of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, stones, bricks and pieces of … Read more

The authorities will remove the cabinet box that jams the entire pavement

January 21, Kathmandu. An outdoor cabinet box will be provided to block the pavement while undergrounding the power lines. The Project Management Directorate of Nepal Electricity Authority has directed the consultant and contractor company to redesign boxes that were placed in an impractical manner. The directorate’s head Tara Pradhan said that the boxes placed on … Read more

When wires go underground, roads and sidewalks become clogged

7 Manseer, Kathmandu. After laying the power line in the Nayabazar-Khusibu Town Planning Road section, some local people dug more pits for drinking water and sewerage work. At present, vehicles and pedestrians on the road are battling with dust and mud. Such suffering is increasing in most of Kathmandu’s inner urban areas because smooth roads … Read more

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