Now You Have to Pay About $15 a Month to Get Blue Tea on Facebook-Insta

Now You Have to Pay About $15 a Month to Get Blue Tea on Facebook-Insta

5 Chait, Kathmandu. Meta, the parent company of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, has launched the verification subscription feature. After Twitter, Facebook has also launched its paid verification service. Meta launched the service in the US on Friday. At present, the subscription service has been launched only for US users, but plans are underway … Read more

Meta spokesperson said – it is not true that Mark Zuckerberg will resign from the post of CEO

Meta company lays off 11,000 employees

Social media platforms and other big companies are going through bad times these days. Meanwhile, a news related to Facebook’s parent company Meta has created a sensation. A news published on November 22 claimed that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Company and founder of Facebook, has decided to resign from the company in early 2023. … Read more

Court rejects Facebook operating company Meta Russia’s appeal in terrorist list

Facebook became the worst company of the year, Microsoft the best

26 October, Kathmandu. Rosfin Monitoring, the organization that monitors Russia’s finances, has put American technology company Meta on the list of terrorists and extremists. Meta is the company that operates the Internet media platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.Russia banned Facebook and Instagram in March. A Moscow court rejected Meta’s appeal to reconsider the Russian decision. … Read more

Facebook ‘tickets’ in 150 countries

Facebook 'tickets' in 150 countries

11 February, Kathmandu. Facebook’s parent company Meta said on Tuesday that Facebook has launched its Shirt Video feature reels in more than 150 countries around the world that are seen as competitors to TikTok. Meta, which lost nearly a third of its market value last quarter due to its poor financial reports, has made the … Read more

Meta claims VR platform usage has increased 10x

differences between AR and VR

Kathmandu. Meta claims to have grown its VR platform 10x in the last three months. Some time ago Facebook changed the name of the company to ‘Meta’ to join virtual reality. The company claims that its users have grown 10x in the past three months, amid rumors that the meta platform may not be on … Read more

Erasing WhatsApp in Windows 11 Makes It Easier to Use

voice and video calling feature on whatsapp web

Kathmandu. Under Meta, WhatsApp is giving a lot of importance to the mobile version, no matter what. Because the company has provided many features for the mobile version. Which is not available in web version. That’s not to say that there’s nothing wrong with the web version. The company has been providing new features in … Read more

Facebook’s parent company Meta shares fall sharply

Facebook's parent company Meta shares fall sharply

January 20, Kathmandu. Shares of Facebook’s parent company Meta have fallen. Meta shares were down more than 20 per cent on Wednesday. According to international news media, the company’s shares fell sharply after the recently renamed Meta reported declining revenue and no growth in the number of users. Similarly, investors have begun selling shares of … Read more

Facebook’s cryptocurrency is being sold for 22 billion rupees

Facebook's cryptocurrency is being sold for 22 billion rupees

January 19, Kathmandu. Social media company Meta (Facebook) is going to sell its cryptocurrency. Meta is set to sell its Diem cryptocurrency for Rs 182 million. The DM Association, which runs Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, has announced that it will sell all of its cryptocurrency assets to Silvergate Capital Corporation. Launched in 2019 as Libra, Facebook’s … Read more

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