First Licensing Exam to Register as an Engineer Practitioner

18 engineer's license canceled

12 Chait, Kathmandu. The Engineering Council has for the first time introduced a Licensing Examination for registration as an Engineer. On Sunday, the Engineering Council at Pulchowk Engineering Campus has started taking the exam for engineering passed engineers to get the license to do engineering business for the first time. 2 thousand 6 engineers who … Read more

Only 26 percent pass the nursing licensure exam

नेपाली नर्सलाई बेलायतमा रोजगारीबारे भोलिदेखि औपचारिक वार्ता

5 Chait, Kathmandu. The Nepal Nursing Council has published the result of the Nursing License Examination held on Saturday. The Council conducted the Licensure Examination for Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) and B.Sc Nursing. In which a small number of nurses have passed. 834 Nurses participated in the Registration Licensure Exam for PCL Nursing. Out of … Read more

Preparing to allow doctors who fail licensure exams to go on to other health professions

1 thousand 176 people failed in doctor's license exam

21 October, Kathmandu. Even after passing MBBS after 6 years, many times doctors fail in the ‘license’ exam conducted by the Nepal Medical Council. After repeated failures of many doctors, the council is going to introduce a system where MBBS passed students will not have to take the licensure exam for not taking up the … Read more

1 thousand 176 people failed in doctor’s license exam

1 thousand 176 people failed in doctor's license exam

9 October, Kathmandu. 57.68 percent i.e. 1 thousand 176 people have failed in the 64th Medical Registration Certificate Examination (license examination). According to the results announced by the Nepal Medical Council on Saturday, only 32 percent have passed. The license exam was held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. According to the registrar of the council, … Read more

Now license is mandatory to become an engineer

Question of MPs: When will farmers get fertilizer and when will people get citizenship?

4th July, Kathmandu. The Bill to amend the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 055 has been passed by the Federal Parliament. The bill passed mainly provides that to become an engineer, one has to obtain a license after completing graduation and pass the examination to get the license. According to the bill, doctors, nurses, lawyers. Like … Read more

‘License’ examination resumes in Bagmati from right now

Driving license exam from September 20, this is how the system changed

August 20, Kathmandu. Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development Bagmati Pradesh is once more conducting the Driving License Exam from right now. The written and sensible (trial) examination was postponed from April 30 on account of corona threat. In the data launched by the Ministry on September 29, the service will likely be operated for these … Read more

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