Three Nepalese aides involved in Lal Mohamed’s murder have been released

Three Nepalese aides involved in Lal Mohamed's murder have been released

14 October, Kathmandu. Three Nepalese nationals have been arrested for helping a group that shot and killed textile businessman Lal Mohammed in Gothar on October 3. Those arrested include 21-year-old Manoram Miyan, 19-year-old Manoram Miyan and Sushmita Sangtan alias Sumi of Birganj Metropolitan City-16 in Parsa. Police said that among those arrested, Miandawaya had come … Read more

The murder of Lal Mohammad remembered the 14 year old shooting

5 October, Kathmandu. On 20 June 2064, at around 7 pm, Balram Patuwar arrived in front of Ramprasad Shah’s cycle shop in Baneshwar, riding a man’s motorcycle. “When they came in front of my shop, they both looked confused, sitting in the shop as if they were waiting for someone,” says Shah. Motorcycle.” Within 15/20 … Read more

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