Waterlogging in Birendranagar, an appeal to the administration to be alert

Waterlogging in Birendranagar, an appeal to the administration to be alert

October 21, Surkhet. Virendranagar valley has been submerged due to continuous rain for three days. The flow of water has intensified in the Khare rivers in the valley. Local citizens have started building houses for safer places as the lower part of the valley is inundated with water. Rivers like Newarkhola, Itramkhola, Juprakhola and Chinchkhola … Read more

Let the future Birendranagar be like this

9 October, Surkhet. A wide green road with cycle lanes. Clean sidewalk. Systematic traffic management. Green open square. Uniformity in homes, concentration in settlements. There are some roads where ‘no horn, no fuel’ arrangement has been made. Of course, there are restrictions on the means of transport. People’s entertainment places only. On the same road, … Read more

80 years old Mitranagar: Those who got only assurance of parties

May 24, Surkhet. He gets angry seeing people who have come to ask for votes. I remember the false assurances given by the leaders five years ago. The behavior of the leader after winning the election is annoying and disturbing. Maya Bick, 27, of Birendranagar-4, is overwhelmed by the number of people turning up to … Read more

Demonstration in Virendranagar after death of youth, market closed

March 22, Surkhet. After the death of a youth from Kalikot in Surkhet, relatives and local people have closed the Birendranagar market since Sunday morning. Krishna Hamal, 25, of Tilgufa Municipality-3, protested by closing Birendranagar market and road after his death on Saturday morning due to beating of police in a general dispute on Friday … Read more

Prohibitory orders will be lifted in Birendranagar of Surkhet from Thursday

March 18, Surkhet. The ban issued in Virendranagar from Tuesday evening will be lifted on Thursday. District Administration Office, Surkhet has issued a statement informing that the ban will be lifted. Birendranagar was tense since Monday morning due to protests by various parties, including the CPN (Maoist) led by Netra Bikram Chand Biplav, against the … Read more

Dangi, who was injured in the protest, was sent to Kathmandu for better treatment.

March 17, Surkhet. A person injured in stone pelting incident in Birendranagar has been sent to Kathmandu for further treatment. Hotelier Ran Bahadur Dangi (38), who was injured in stone pelting by protesters on Monday during the agitation against the US aid project MCC agreement, has been sent to Kathmandu for further treatment. Dangi was … Read more

Agenda handed to make Birendranagar a sub-metropolitan

July 10, Surkhet. Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet, capital of Karnali province, will now be made a sub-metropolitan. Deputy Chief Mohan Maya Dhakal mentioned that the Ninth Municipal Council on Thursday handed the agenda to make the municipality a sub-metropolitan metropolis. According to him the agenda of creating the sub-metropolitan metropolis Karnali handed by town council … Read more

High court order to control road dust in Birendranagar

27 March, Surkhet. The Surkhet High Court has issued an interim order to control road dust in Birendranagar. High Court Registrar Arjun Prasad Koirala said that an interim order has been issued in the name of the concerned bodies to control the dust coming out of the under-construction road in Birendranagar, which is also the … Read more

‘Common Campaign’ for Virendranagar cleanliness

March 15, Surkhet. The youth have started a ‘shared campaign’ to develop Birendranagar, the Colonel’s capital, as a clean, clean and green city. Various organizations in the district, sister organizations of political parties, university students and engineers have expressed their general commitment to the cleanliness of Birendranagar. As part of the campaign, the clock tower … Read more

Residents of Birendranagar blocked the road after it was washed away

13 Fagun, Surkhet. Locals have protested by blocking Hatia Line area of ​​Birendranagar, the capital of Karmani. Locals have blocked the road in the area of ​​Birendranagar Municipality-6 since Thursday morning. Two main roads and four tributaries of the area have been closed. Local businessman Bhuvan Gyawali said that the road was closed due to … Read more

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