Why isn’t Donald Trump back on Twitter?

Why isn't Donald Trump back on Twitter?

11 November, Kathmandu. Donald Trump loves Twitter. In 2017, he said that he would not be President of the United States without Twitter. He said, ‘Twitter is a crazy thing for me because I get to put my stuff here. If I had not found such an honest way of expressing my views, it would … Read more

Twitter engineer fired, hacker hired

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has recently fired around 4,000 employees of the company. With the removal of old employees, it is expected that Musk will gradually recruit new employees in the vacant positions. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has recently given a job on Twitter to a young man named George Hotz. George, who entered Twitter, … Read more

How to read WhatsApp message even after it is deleted?

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has a feature to delete messages. With the help of this feature, the message sent to someone can be deleted from both sides. But sometimes such messages have to be read again or a desire arises to read them. But how can you read deleted messages? Technology has made this possible … Read more

Meta spokesperson said – it is not true that Mark Zuckerberg will resign from the post of CEO

Social media platforms and other big companies are going through bad times these days. Meanwhile, a news related to Facebook’s parent company Meta has created a sensation. A news published on November 22 claimed that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Company and founder of Facebook, has decided to resign from the company in early 2023. … Read more

Communication service stalled in Baitri due to optical fiber problem

6 November, Baitri. Due to problem in optical fiber, the communication service of Baitri and Darchula in Far West Province has been stopped. Communication service has been disrupted since 3 pm today due to fault in the optical fiber at Baitadi’s Katpate in Gothalapani area. Nepal Telecom’s mobile, landline and internet services have been disrupted … Read more

Instructions to keep telecom services tight during elections

3 November, Kathmandu. Nepal Telecom Authority has instructed the service provider companies to make the telecom services more effective on the election day. In view of the elections to be held on November 4, the authority issued a notification on Friday directing to operate the essential service telecom service with greater efficiency and to prevent … Read more

9 lakh 33 thousand e-passports issued in one year, problem in service by middlemen

2 November, Kathmandu. The government has distributed 933 thousand 293 electronic passports in one year. The Passport Department, which started electronic passport distribution from November 1, 2079, has distributed 3 lakh 34 thousand 583 passports from its office, 5 lakh 16 thousand 805 passports from district and local administration offices and 81 thousand 905 passports … Read more

Corona havoc in the biggest iPhone factory, China called ex-serviceman to work

2 November, Kathmandu. To avoid the outbreak of Corona epidemic, China is currently implementing strict lockdown in different areas of the country. Due to this the economic activities of the country are getting badly affected. In such a situation, the production of iPhone has also been affected. The world’s largest iPhone factory is in Zhengzhou, … Read more

These are the most used passwords of 2022

As the year 2022 is coming to a close, the list of most used passwords (common passwords) of this year has been released. Looking at this list, it seems that common internet users are still not very serious about their account passwords. According to the list of 200 most used passwords of 2022 published by … Read more

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