30 points fall in Napse, more than 8 billion shares traded

Share trading declined: business and hotel groups benefited, others lost

28 December, Kathmandu. The stock market, which has been rising continuously for the last few days, has seen a ‘correction’ on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the Napse index fell 30.51 points to 183.32. Transaction volumes remain high despite the fall in the Napse index. The stock traded over Rs 8 billion on Wednesday. The transaction amount … Read more

Who made the 49 points rise in the stock market? who lost

Nepali index increased in small numbers

December 27, Kathmandu. The stock market rose on Tuesday, the third trading day of the year. The benchmark of share trading, the Napse index rose 49 points to 28,034 points. Despite the rally in the market, the share prices of some companies have fallen. The transaction amount has been less than the last two years. … Read more

Positive signs found in the stock market, these are the 10 highest earning companies

Nepali index increased in small numbers

26 December, Kathmandu. On the second day of the week also, the stock market is looking in a positive direction. However, the increase was not that much on Sunday. There was a boom throughout the day, the market had reached around 2800 points in the afternoon. The Napse index returned above 2800 points and closed … Read more

NEPSI index rises 63 points

40 points improvement in the stock market

December 20, Kathmandu. The stock market showed enthusiasm on Tuesday. The benchmark of share trading, the Napse index, rose 63.01 points to 2,679.95. Despite the enthusiasm in the Napse index, transaction volumes remained lower than Monday. During the day, 91,10,758 lots of shares were bought and sold and the transaction amount was closed at Rs … Read more

Where is Napse’s CEO appointment process?

Problem in stock trading, say investors

December 14, Kathmandu. The process for the appointment of the chief executive of the Nepal Stock Exchange, which is the leading regulator of the stock market, is chaotic. The government has shown no interest in appointing the chief executive officer of Napse, which runs the daily market, even after five months without it. The then … Read more

Enthusiasm in the stock market, Naps rises by 56.73 points

40 points improvement in the stock market

December 6, Kathmandu. The recent move by the government and Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to address the problem of lack of investment (liquidity) in banks and financial institutions has given impetus to the stock market. On Monday, the Finance Ministry had made arrangements for banks to calculate 80 percent of the local level budget in … Read more

What is circuit break? Why is stock trading stopped?

What is circuit break?  Why is stock trading stopped?

28 December, Kathmandu. On Tuesday, there was a positive ‘circuit break’ three times in the continuously falling stock market. After gaining 4 percent for the first time, 5 percent for the second time and 6 percent for the third time, the stock closed for the entire period without trading on Tuesday. The Naps index, which … Read more

Stock market: How did the dramatic recovery come after the fall of 72 points?

The Naples index, which attracted investors to the bank, rose by about 10 points.

21st December, Kathmandu. On the first day of the week, the stock trading gauge Napse index closed with a fall of 72 points. Investors expect the market to continue declining on Monday. Let us tell you that due to the business being open on Monday, the trend of continuous decline started. Investors panicked as the … Read more

The stock market rose by about 70 points, there was a positive circuit in the share price of half a dozen companies

New record in stock market, attraction in microfinance

30 October, Kathmandu. The stock market index Napse has gained about 70 points on Tuesday. Market index Napse rose 69.22 points to 2784.58 on Tuesday, with a double-digit gain for the second consecutive day. Shares of six companies traded positively, while shares of seven companies gained more than 9 per cent. A total of 1,93,221 … Read more

Applications are invited for the CEO of NAPSE

Problem in stock trading, say investors

12 October, Kathmandu. Government has invited applications for the post of Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Stock Exchange. The Finance Ministry has invited applications for the appointment of CEO through open competition. Eligible applicants are invited to apply within 15 days. Napse was without an executive head after the then CEO Chandra Singh Saud resigned … Read more

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