WhatsApp will now make movies too

WhatsApp is shutting down millions of old phones

Kathmandu. WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Meta is also going to enter the movie business. Last week, the company announced its first short film ‘Naija Odissi’ through a program. WhatsApp has produced its first film based on the biography of basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo, which will release on Prime Video on September 21. With … Read more

A new feature in TikTok, you can notify your friends via video of what you’re up to

A new feature in TikTok, you can notify your friends via video of what you're up to

Kathmandu. A new feature has come in Tiktok. The company issued a press release and informed about adding new features. Under this, Tiktok users can invite their friends and show what they are doing at that time. Using this feature, users can record 10 seconds of daily video or take a photo of anything around … Read more

Sharing news on social media boosts people’s confidence – study

Sharing news on social media boosts people's confidence - study

Kathmandu. One study concluded that people become more confident when they share news and articles on social media. According to a psychological study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, US, it has been found that sharing news online boosts people’s confidence. According to The Journal of Consumer Psychology, people who share news on … Read more

Now You Can Play Snapchat on Desktop Too

1 million paid users run Snapchat

Kathmandu. Multimedia messaging app Snapchat has made its web app available to all users. The company had announced the launch of the web app last July. Some time back, the web app was made available only for paid users. Users can chat and make video calls on Snapchat’s web app. The company believes that it … Read more

For the first time in Nepal, pubg and freefire competition, 5000 teams will participate

nepal's biggest pubg freefire turnament

Kathmandu. Under the main sponsorship of Internet service provider Subisu, for the first time in Nepal, PUBG and Freefire competition will be held together. This ‘Ultimate Battle: PUBG & Freefire’ will start from 22nd September. It will be completed in November. The “Pull Prize” for the PUBG and Freefire competition, in which 5,000 teams are … Read more

Most of Twitter’s shareholders say – Elon Musk should buy Twitter

Elon Musk has invested over Rs 3.5 lakh crore on Twitter

Kathmandu. The majority of Twitter shareholders have been found to be in favor of Elon Musk buying Twitter. At Tuesday’s meeting, 98.6 percent of Twitter’s shareholders expressed the opinion that the company should be bought by Elon Musk. This has come to the fore from the shareholders of the company when Elon Musk is withdrawing … Read more

Ads can no longer be skipped when watching videos on YouTube

Ads can no longer be skipped when watching videos on YouTube

Kathmandu. If you are a regular user of YouTube, you must have noticed the ad that pops up before the start of the video. Normal users other than premium users can skip to the next video and watch the main video after watching a video in the ad that appears while watching the video. But … Read more

International gang running on social media to defame politicians and activists: Mahesh Basnet

Mahesh Basnet techpana

Kathmandu. UML leader and MP Mahesh Basnet has made serious allegations against Nepali leaders and activists on social media saying that only a group run by an international mission has come forward. Speaking at the House of Representatives meeting held on Wednesday, MP Basnett claimed that various groups have been created and circulated on social … Read more

From ban to blue tick, China is becoming Twitter’s biggest market

Fix automatic tweet loss

Kathmandu. Twitter is banned in China. The people there cannot use this platform. However, China is Twitter’s largest commercial market. Even though people are not able to use it, it is found that local officials of China, the propaganda office of the Communist Party of China are making full use of Twitter. The topic was … Read more

Mental stress due to social media trolls and abuse: Singer Review Officer

samikshya adhikari

Kathmandu. The singer’s review officer has said that the trolls and negative comments on her posts on social media have created mental tension. In a post on social network Facebook on Tuesday, the officer shared his unpleasant experience related to social media. “Shameful pictures and insults against me on social media have had a negative … Read more

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